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December 2018

List of Airsoft sites in the UK.

List of all the registered UKARA airsoft game sites in the United Kingdom.

How to get a UKARA membership?

Getting a UKARA (United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association) membership is quite straightforward; you need to take part in three Airsoft games at a registered UKARA site during the course of two months. You need to live in the UK and… Continue Reading →

Airsoft – does it hurt to get shot?

Airsoft is a contact sport, which means you will definitely get hit, but don’t let the fear of getting shot to discourage you from going to your first game. In this article, we will break down exactly how much it… Continue Reading →

7 Tips to make you Better at Airsoft.

Are you a beginner or have a few hours under your belt and are looking to up your Airsoft game? Well you have come to the right place! I have seven (plus a few bonus tips) to help you get… Continue Reading →

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