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March 2019

What BB weights should I use in my rifle? [Ultimate Guide to Airsoft BBs]

All you need to know about BBs! What BB weights should I use? Legal Limits – BB Weight, FPS and Joules List of Recommended Brands What BBs to avoid? What weight of BBs should I use for my gun? Recommended… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Guide to MilSim Airsoft

Picture this… it’s 3 am, pitch black and you are currently deep in army training facilities specifically built to mould some of the best warriors on this planet. All day long you’ve been taking objectives, defending VIPs from enemy advances… Continue Reading →

G&G GR4 G26 Black Rose EBB – Great Budget Electric Blow Black – Comprehensive Review

I knew exactly what I wanted for my first AEG – it had to be a M4 platform and certainly could not have stick mags. I wanted something of an average size and something that wasn’t too heavy to hold… Continue Reading →

Op Tactical UK The Kingdom – Comprehensive Site Review

What is Op-Tactical UK The Kingdom? Opened in 2017 and set in a former quarry, compromising of 170+ acres of skirmish-able quarry with wooded slopes, rocky cliffs, sheltered glades and meandering paths and roads throughout. This site offers some of… Continue Reading →

APS Dragonfly D’MOD GBB Pistol – Comprehensive Review

When you begin thinking about purchasing a new pistol, what is the first aspect that comes to mind? Is it how many FPS it shoots at? Is it the look of the pistol? Is it the energy type? Cost? These… Continue Reading →

The Difference Between Electric, Gas, and Spring Airsoft Guns

If you’re a veteran airsoft player, you’ve more than likely seen and used all different types of airsoft guns so far. However, this article is aimed at people just starting the sport and learning the basic differences between the platforms…. Continue Reading →

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