Op Tactical UK The Kingdom – Comprehensive Site Review

What is Op-Tactical UK The Kingdom?

Opened in 2017 and set in a former quarry, compromising of 170+ acres of skirmish-able quarry with wooded slopes, rocky cliffs, sheltered glades and meandering paths and roads throughout. This site offers some of the most challenging terrain for any airsofter alike!

So, after waking up at silly o’clock in the morning and looking at the weather: dark, miserable, wet and cold. I was somewhat apprehensive about how the day will plan out and if the game will actually be still on? A mere 30 min drive later, I arrive at Op-Tac UK The Kingdom after taking a detour down some dirt track which literally sounded like it was going to take the chassis out on the car! Doubling back on myself, “I made it!” she said, whilst dropping my jaw to the floor… WOW this is mahoosive!

After parking in a rather large car-park, I began to unload my kit and proceeded to finding a comfortable spot in the safe zone. From the second I walked in to the safe zone, I knew I was in for an awesome day. Every single person was incredibly friendly, I cannot recall one person who didn’t say hello. It was very refreshing to witness as this makes you feel very welcome, especially when you are just beginning airsoft and looking for advice.


I hear you ask what are the pros of this site? Look no further:

  • Huge site with plenty of areas to play
  • Gun Hire
  • Log Cabins to stay in when they have Milsim/Airsoft Weekenders on
  • Running HOT water and proper toilet block with showers (located next to the log cabins)
  • Excellent games for all abilities
  • Professional Marshals
  • Milsim/Airsoft weekenders
  • Membership/UKARA options available
  • Vehicles and props used during games


Now please bear in mind that this is a new site so there are going to be a couple of small things that need addressing such as:

  • The safe zone needs to have more cover for when it rains
  • The gates need to be sign posted to make Op-Tac entrance easier to spot

These are just minor issues which I have found, however improving those particular would be helpful for somebody who hasn’t been to the site before. After all what would a review be if I didn’t find even one little problem to add to the cons? I know the issue with the safe zone needing more cover can be addressed simply by working from the back of your car, but for those who don’t drive this could pose problematic.

I wish that I could keep going on about all the pros of the site but I would be here all day! The sheer beauty of the site combined with the overall friendliness of other players is enough to make you want to keep coming back for more.  

What facilities are available on site?

  • Very large car-park just outside of the safe zone
  • Safe zone with various benches to work from
  • Gun Hire available – this must be booked through the website
  • On site shop by Staffordshire Militaria where you can purchase all your game day essentials. Please note that should you require anything in particular then please contact the guys at Staffordshire Militaria prior to any games to avoid disappointment
  • Log Cabins with under floor heating, double glazing, electric, full size kitchen, fridge, freezer and cooker available for members
  • Proper toilet block with showers and hot water available for Milsim/ Airsoft weekenders
  • 170+ acres of skirmishable gaming area
  • Lunch is available for a small charge of £5.00 per person Snacks and drinks are also available at the onsite shop.

Game Modes:

The morning consisted of an objective based game where we were split in to two different teams and had to hunt for enemy’s Jerry cans (4 per side) with our corresponding colours on (red for banded and orange for un-banded) and bring them back to base. Once a team has collected all of the Jerry cans, they then needed to also escort a missile between at least two team members back to base to win the game. It was a well thought out and organised iteration of Find and Retrieve game mode; it provided the players a chance to work together as a team and lots of firefights around the woods.

The afternoon consisted of two smaller scale and shorter types of games. One of them being a Team Deathmatch, which was adequately fast paced and really got the adrenaline pumping!

To finish the day off, we played Search and Destroy – we were to locate a bomb in the depths of the forest, take it back to our base and arm it (5 min countdown) whilst protecting the bomb from the enemy team. If the team managed to withhold the enemy’s advances for 5 mins, they won.

The games are second to none, fast paced and very well organised and what makes it that bit more awesome is the use of Land Rovers to get squads into places. The marshals clearly know what they are doing, are passionate and very informative at the beginning, during and even after the games. They supervise the day throughout to make sure people are being honest and are consistently taking hits and always ask if one is having fun and enjoying themselves, which I find, not many marshals do nowadays!

Bonus: the owner Rob comes out to play sometimes and is on hand to help and answer any questions and point you in the right direction if you become lost, either literally during the game or in any general airsoft related issue – also trust me, if you don’t know the site you can get lost quite easily!

Airsoft Ranch Verdict

In conclusion – would I recommend this site? Indeed I would, I would even scream “Go to the Kingdom!” from the rooftops if I had the chance!

You need to see the site for yourself to fully emerge yourself and understand its pure beauty. High top boots are definitely required and I recommend bringing something warm in colder months as the wind can get quite chilly up on the top of the hills. I would also recommend to always take a spare set of clothes, whichever site you go to, as unfortunately, it rained all day which resulted in one very dirty and muddy Miss Contagious Jade! 

I can safely say I have now found my home battleground; it has only taken me 7 years to do so. I would highly recommend this site to anybody who plays airsoft whether they are new to the sport or a veteran of the sport. You will not regret it!

Go check them out now at www.op-tac.co.uk!

Written by Jade Bromfield

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Edited by Kamil Turecki

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