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May 2019

How does an AEG work? [AEG Wiki]

Understanding the principles In order to understand how different internal parts affect each other’s performance, we must first understand how an AEG actually operates. You will find this section helpful especially if you are currently facing issues with your AEG… Continue Reading →

How are airsoft BBs made?

Everything you need to know about BBs production What is a BB? How are BBs made? Materials Polishing and colours Quality Control What is a BB? BBs, also known as pellets, are a spherical projectile that acts as the ammunition… Continue Reading →

First & Only The Outpost (Drakelow Tunnels) – Comprehensive Review

Sticky Post

Are you looking for a truly breathtaking and completely unique location to play airsoft? Do you want to skirmish in the ONLY publicly accessible WWII Shadow Factory and Cold War Bunker? Do you want to play in the largest underground… Continue Reading →

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