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6mm Ammo 0.20g Tracer Airsoft BBs [In-depth Review]



We have had the privilege of 6mm Ammo send us a sample of their green tracer 0.20g BBs for us to review. We shall be completely unbiased and provide you with the results as they are discovered. The factors we will mainly be looking at are: consistency of weight and size, quality of surface and the internal mold, tracer effectiveness and of course accuracy and consistency shooting tests. Without further ado, let’s get into this BB madness!

Packaging and delivery

In terms of customer service, 6mm Ammo have been so far excellent replying to all of our questions and communicating effectively. The delivery time was also incredibly quick and we have received the BBs within 2 working days. 

The packaging is not fancy, however it is effective. The BBs come in a plastic bag with the 6mm Ammo label describing the main aspects of the product. The major positive about the bag is that it is resealable; however I personally prefer storing my BBs in a bottle thus I will be transferring all these BBs to a previously used 0.5L water bottle later on – DIY hacks!

Another good sign about the quality of these BBs that can be identified by the way they’ve been packaged is the fact that they do not come vacuum packed or with silica gel sachets. Subsequently, this means that the material used in the production of the BBs will not absorb water and swell as time goes on. Nobody wants that! 

External Surface Quality

Although these BBs are clearly polished and the surface is smooth to the touch, after closely inspecting 20 random BBs, I have found that 6 out of 20 had small imperfections and dimples on the external surface of some pellets. Unfortunately, these imperfections might play a big part in the consistency later on in the shooting tests as the more perfectly spherical and polished BBs produce better results. 

Generally, there are usually a few odd BBs in a bag where such imperfections are a case and that is fine as such, however, if this was a bigger number and was consistent across all their BB products, I’d be slightly worried that the production line does not have high quality control. In general, so far – so good, but could be improved! 

Internal Quality

Although the external surface was not perfect, on the contrary, the internal mould of the BBs was fantastic! In the ten BBs that I have opened, there was only BB that had a tiny air bubble inside it! The only real imperfections you can see below are my cracking skills! 9/10 – great job guys! 

Tracer Effectiveness

Now that we have been through our own AR quality control, let’s see how effective these BBs actually are as tracers! As seen below, when lit up with UV light, they glow brightly inside the packaging – clearly visible in low light conditions! 

Now let’s assess the effectiveness of these tracer BBs when actually shot with a tracer unit. For this test I used a Krytac CRB MK2 and Nuprol Tracer unit and shot the BBs in pitch black in wooded area. The results I derived from this test was that these tracer BBs were best visible up to around 40 meters; after those 40 meters I struggled to keep my eyes on them and they seemed to fade. In conclusion, they seem to be best fitted for CQB games. However, keep in mind that a different tracer unit might prove different results!

BBs in Practice - Grouping, Accuracy and Consistency

Of course, whenever testing accuracy in Airsoft we have to take two factors into consideration – human error and wind (if shooting outside). In order to minimise human error, I laid down and rested the replica on its grip and ensured I slowed my breath down between each shot. Sadly, I couldn’t improve UK’s weather and it was a little windy during the shooting test.

10m Range

30m Range

The test results clearly show that these BBs are incredibly reliable and consistent up to 30 meters – unfortunately due to my living circumstances, I wasn’t able to test them at a longer range.

Regardless, I am incredibly happy with these results as the groupings are fantastically close with consistent results. There were only two shots that strayed slightly up on the 30m range – the other eight shots were very close indeed! These are great results especially considering the weight of these Tracer BBs (0.20g), these BBs are great for what they’re made for – CQB games!

Final Words

So the main question is – are these high quality BBs? Simply – yes! Although the external surface quality needs a little improvement, the rest of the product is absolutely phenomenal for its price! They are consistent between each shot and provide really close grouping!

Would I use them in CQB? Yes, certainly! They’re accurate, consistent and cheaper than most other 0.20g tracer BBs out on the UK market!

Would I use these BBs in outdoor skirmishes? No, not this particular weight 0.20g – however, let’s not forget, these BBs are specifically made for indoor CQB tracer action at this weight and at Airsoft Ranch we always recommend using 0.25g+ when playing outdoors anyway.

To conclude, we certainly recommend 6mm Ammo BBs and you can easily purchase them from their official website 6mmammo.co.uk – you will not be disappointed with the results and we can’t wait to get our hands on the heavier variations!

Peace out Ranchers!

Written by Kamil Turecki

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