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Airsoft Grenades – Laws, Types and How to Use Them [Ultimate Guide]



There are numerous variations of grenades in the world of airsoft. They can be sorted into a few categories but it is difficult to do so because of how innovative the market is. Companies look for ways to make the experience of using airsoft grenades to be as realistic and fun as possible. 

Fortunately, there is one common feature of all grenades – they create a distinctive advantage for players that decide to use them, the kind of advantage that can change the course of the game with just one pull of the pin.  The grenade types we will cover in this article are:

  • Smoke Grenades
  • Blank Firing Grenades
  • Pyro Grenades
  • BB Scattering Grenades

Smoke Grenades

These grenades are very popular and effective in airsoft. This is because when they are used at the right moment, they can turn around the outcome of the game in a matter of seconds. You’d probably have seen how in war movies smoke grenades were the last hope for a pinned down heroe. This can go down exactly the same for you during a game day at your local site!  

However, they are not as easy to use as pull the pin and hope for the best. In order to use them effectively, there are certain aspects that come into play. For example, the smoke is carried by wind which means you have to take note of its direction or you won’t get any cover.

1. Enola Gaye WP40 Wire pull grenade

Enola gaye is known for the quality and affordability they provide for the airsoft scene. They come in a wide variety of colors, fuse delay and burning times. The WP40 is the cheapest version from a wide range of products which dominate the market; however do not be fooled. This is simply a fantastic product!

  • ⭐Wire pull ignite
  • ⭐Wide range of colors and styles
  • ⭐No metal parts
  • ⭐Internal burning
  • ⭐Best price on the market

2. TLSFx Dual Vent High Density Smoke

The company that makes these smokes is mainly focused on paintball with their range of products. However, smokes are crucial in both sports and this is why we considered it as a contender to the widely sold Enola Gaye. The dual vent system allows for quicker and denser curtain of smoke which makes it a runner-up!

  • ⭐Twist and strike
  • ⭐High density smoke
  • ⭐Internal Burning
  • ❌Only white color 
  • ❌Relatively short burn time (45 seconds)

Smoke Grenades Laws

Many sites ban white smoke grenades as they can be portrayed as actual smoke from a fire resulting in fire brigade might be called in by nearby witnesses. This is also why, no smoke grenades are allowed up to 100ft of any public road.  I’ve also been to sites which only allow for one color to be used by the players for reasons such as game specific ideas or others. 

Don’t be surprised if you will not be able to use the grenade that you’ve brought to a game day, especially if it’s a military grade grenade. This is due to their increased intensity and flammability which puts players and game site at further risk.

In all cases there will be an on site shop which will provide you with appropriate smoke grenades.

How to use?

Smoke grenades are one time use only and in order to detonate one you have to take off the top cap which will reveal the pin. Pull the pin quickly and the grenade will start burning inside. These grenades are mostly safe to be held for photo shoots etc. but after a while the smoke might gain some temperature. The smoke usually emits from one or both ends for up to 2 minutes. These will also not work underwater.

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Blank Firing and Co2 Grenades

These come in a form of delay fuse or impact fuse. The essence of blank firing grenades is that they are expensive but reusable. To anyone who enjoys clearing a room full of enemies, these are the way to go! 

They usually go under the same rules as pyro grenades in terms of kill radius; which means, anyone caught within a 5m radius during detonation will be eliminated from the game. Some sites might have a different rule for the kill radius. 

You can choose from many available on the market – they differ in material, size, loudness, fuse delay, and mainly the price! I’ve found grenades ranging from £50 to £120. These grenades are powered by cartridge blanks. The most powerful blanks that you can get in the UK are .380 or 9mm. The cost of blanks is usually around £13 for 50 shots.

In regards to the Co2 grenades, they are similar in a way that they need a Co2 capsule to be discharged. Unlike the blank grenades, there is no explosion inside and the “bang” comes from the quick release of gas. 12 gram Co2 capsules, which are used in most Co2 grenades, are more expensive than a pack of blanks. A pack of 50 comes around £27.

1. Oh Shi Boom Gen 2 BFG

This grenade is usually the go-to by Airsoft players due to the incredible quality and high standard of materials which improves its durability. In addition, this grenade is one of the smallest on the market which makes it very handy.

  • ⭐Completely reusable
  • ⭐Variety of colors
  • ⭐Indestructible and compact design
  • ⭐One of the cheapest and most popular
  • ⭐Numerous accessories available

2. VTG Blank Firing Delay Grenade

This grenade is simple in design and it also uses blanks which means it is not expensive to run. It has gained a lot of popularity due to indestructible design and loud performance. The 3.5 second delay fuse ensures a realistic experience.

  • ⭐Completely reusable
  • ⭐Variety of colors (including bright orange)
  • ⭐Indestructible design
  • ⭐Also very cheap
  • ⭐Quite loud (120+DB)

3. Valken Thunder V

These grenades are made of a very high quality and provide top performance in any conditions; they have also been used by US military training. They explode when the gas fills the shell to its maximum.

  • ⭐Reusable core and pin
  • ⭐3 different designs
  • ⭐Fantastic build quality
  • ⭐Loud! (130Db)
  • ❌Can be pricey to reuse (needs both shells and cartridges) 

Blank Firing Grenades Laws

Blank firing grenades make a loud sound when detonated and can be portrayed as g⊔nfire. This can lead to police being called to the premises by the public and potential fines that will come with the incident.

Therefore, the UK law is pretty serious on blank firing grenades and you need to provide a valid ID and/or provide a copy of signed declaration form that you have read the relevant legislation before purchase. They are only to be used on airsoft sites or military training facilities and nowhere else.

Here’s the link to declaration with all laws on zero one airsoft.

These grenades can also be banned on some sites as narrow closed spaces might amplify the sound to the point of ear damage. It is up to game marshals to decide and you should always seek information when on site for the first time.

How to use?

First of all, you will need an adapter for the specific type of blank ammo that you are using. When you load the grenade with a blank, it is safe to carry. However, when the grenade’s pin is let loose the grenade then becomes activated and dependant on its type, it will either detonate after delay or on impact with hard surface. 

These grenades do not make any light/spark, thus are safe to use in forests as they will not spark anything on fire. They are much safer to be held compared to pyrotechnic grenades but I would not recommend holding onto an activated grenade for longer than 2 seconds after the pin is removed.

Pyro grenades

These are usually in the form of a long thin stick but the more expensive counterparts look closer to the real deal.  Generally, they are as simple as making a loud bang when detonated. 

When it comes to game site rules, they follow the same rules as blank firing grenades in regards to the 5m kill radius, but they are more likely to be allowed on sites than the alternative as their sound intensity is standardized across most products for safety purposes. They are relatively cheap (£2.50-£7.50 per stick) and similarly to smoke grenades – they are one-time use. 

There are also versions of pyrotechnic grenades that are designed to create a bright flash rather than a loud bang which is very handy when trying to stun enemies for a brief second before entering a room. However, bare in mind that these are often banned from sites due to potential epileptic risks.

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1. Enola Gaye Thunderflash Mk5

Currently we only recommend the Enola Gaye brand as the only one in the Pyro as they have completely dominated the market – they did have a competitor a few years back – a Cloud 9 Thunderflash, but it seems those pyros have been discontinued. You can also get bigger sized Enola Gaye Thunderflash all the way up to Mk9, but often the bigger sizes (bigger bang) are banned by sites.

Many people choose these grenades as they know that they have been tested extensively and that it is a good quality product. At the end of the day, these are the most popular pyro grenades used in UK!

  • ⭐Lightweight
  • ⭐Cheap
  • ⭐Simple design
  • ⭐Loud enough for their size
  • ⭐Ease of use
  • ❌Difficult to throw with precision
  • ❌Bigger versions are often banned at sites

Pyro Grenades Laws

These grenades follow the same rules as the Blank Firing grenades, therefore I would recommend following the exact same rules as in this declaration form. 

How to use?

Pyro grenades are used in the same way as the smoke grenades, meaning they’re activated by pulling the wire. However, there are some grenades in the pyro family that are activated by friction. 

These grenades are absolutely not safe to be held in hand when activated and I would suggest to throw them in your enemies’ direction as soon as you activate one. As the whole grenade explodes, it can and will cause serious damage and burns to your hand if not used safely.

Green Gas/BB Scatter Grenades

These grenades are unique in a way of releasing projectiles in a form of airsoft BBs. Depending on their size and capacity they can release between 100-300 BBss in all directions when detonated. They are cheaper than blank firing grenades and are powered by green gas or co2 capsules which is the same gas that is used for GBB pᎥstols. There are some versions that both make a loud bang and scatter the BBs, which is why it is necessary that you seek information at each site you play. 

Don’t worry, these grenades are not extremely painful when used – due to the amount of BBs released at one time, they project them at around 150fps. Although they use a lot more gas than mags for GBB pᎥstols for one loading. Keeping that in mind, I would recommend for users to fill grenades with 0.2g bbs for maximum range and velocity.

One point is that because they use green gas, they might underperform in cold weather – they might not detonate projectiles properly.

1. Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Grenade

Unfortunately there is only one bang. The XL burst is worth to look at even with its misleading name. This very unique product never fails to perform even though it is powered by green gas.

Furthermore, because of green gas it is the cheapest to run of its kind. It does also need “burst element” which is used up with every bang, but the grenade comes with 30 of those. The company is known for its packaging which is why the product also comes with free lubricant and a patch!

  • ⭐Variety of colours 
  • ⭐Indestructible design
  • ⭐Cheap to reuse
  • ⭐Very loud for green gas (125Db)

1. Airsoft Innovations Tornado 2 

The tornado 2 is the most powerful reusable airsoft grenade ever created! It fires 200 BBs in a full 360° spread at 240FPS! Although it’s reliable and performs well, the power can be an issue at indoor sites – thus although we recommend it, this grenade might be more appropriate for a mix of outdoor/indoor and make sure to check in with the site owner before you arrive with this bad boy!

  • ⭐360° Spread
  • ⭐Reliable design
  • ⭐Cheap to reuse
  • ⭐Great power
  • ❌Due to its power, might be banned at some indoor sites

The Law

In order to use these grenades, you have to follow the same rules as for all pyrotechnic equipment. The only major difference with these grenades is that it is absolutely necessary to wear eye protection as projectiles could harm anyone nearby; therefore, never try to prank your mates with these when outside of the airsoft field, even in a safe and remote environment.

How to use?

First of all, projectile grenades have to be filled with the required number of BBs before use. This is either done by filling in one hole, usually located on top, or numerous holes located around the grenade (follow product instructions).

The grenade then needs to be filled in with green gas. The recommended amount of time you should top the gas up will be specific to the product you have purchased. The grenade should then be ready to use and just like others, it will activate once you remove that pin.

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Final Words

There might be extra restrictions in regards to particular grenades at certain fields due to individual sites’ rules and policies. These restrictions might be in place due to safety of players, flammability of the site (especially during dry seasons), or something simpler as grenades giving uneven advantage on particular sites. However, generally I hope you have found this article helpful and it has pointed you in the right direction in regards to Airsoft pyro!

Written by Wojtek Lawer

Edited by Kamil Turecki

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