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Airsoft in the Rain – Is it bad to get your AEG wet? [Essential Advice]


Is it really bad to play with your AEG in the rain?

You have just purchased your first airsoft replica, you are excited and have booked a game only to find out it’s going to rain that weekend! Now you’re concerned whether the rain will damage your AEG (Automatic Electric G⊔n) – so is it really bad to play airsoft with your AEG in the rain? Simply, the answer is no, not at all. However, there are some precautions that can be done to ensure minimal risk

Are AEGs Water-Resistant or Water-Proof?

Your AEG will most likely be water-resistant but not entirely water-proof; this means there are certain primary electric systems that could potentially get damaged if an enormous amount of water enters gearbox,  stock tube or pᎥstol grip. The systems are as follows:

  • Battery and Battery Connector  – found in stock tube (M4) or front rail (AK47)
  • MOSFET – found in stock tube or gearbox
  • Electronic Trigger Unit – found in gearbox
  • Motor – found in pᎥstol grip

Cheaper products such as CYMA, and generally older airsoft replicas will not have the MOSFET or the Electronic Trigger Unit pre installed thus completely mitigating the issue. Although a battery, its connector and a motor are always present in AEGs and could potentially get damaged, however, it is very unlikely due to their locations.

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The battery and battery connector are located either in the stock tube or the front rail depending on your replica’s model; this means they are entirely covered behind plastic parts, usually with no gaps or holes for the water to enter through. In regards to the motor, it also pretty safe as its guarded by a fully sealed pᎥstol grip. Overall, these types of replicas are pretty much good to go in any condition as their electronics are really limited

Is my AEG with an ETU and Mosfet safe in the rain?

Most of the modern replicas now come with preinstalled MOSFETS and Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU) which poses slightly more issues.

Although you might hear of people fully submerging their replicas in water and them still functioning after – I thoroughly wouldn’t recommend doing that as it’s completely unnecessary and has the potential to fry the electronics. If you want epic photos emerging from water with your M4, get a Gas Blowback – no issues there!

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Generally try not to submerge or collect water with your barrel and you should be good to go! However, if you are still worried about the potential damage to your AEG, here are a few tips that you could do to minimise the risks:

  1. Use waterproof electronic spray on the mentioned components
  2. Use electric or silicon tape to cover the battery connector, the pᎥstol grip (especially the bottom of it where the plate is) and the mosfet if it’s installed in the stock tube
  3. Use a bipod to ensure the barrel remains off the ground whenever you lie down 
  4. Use a barrel cover which is sort of a tiny bag that fits over the end of the replica’s barrel whenever you’re not in play; this ensures that no water will enter the barrel if you accidently slip etc.

Maintenance and Cleaning

As a rule of thumb, we should be cleaning and maintaining our precious replicas at least once a month when in regular play. However, when playing in harsh conditions such as heavy rain, I would recommend cleaning the AEG as soon as possible. 

Generally, a standard cleaning procedure which includes cleaning the inner barrel and wiping any excess water and dirt should suffice. Especially if the replica is fully metal, make sure to thoroughly wipe it down with a towel so it doesn’t rust. 

However, if you did manage to submerge your replica whether by accident or choice, you should re-clean and re-grease the internal components to ensure smooth function.  Here are some products that you will find useful whenever maintaining your replica:

  •  Use barrel cleaning kit to get any dirt out of the inner barrel, really important to do this regularly to ensure optimum performance
  • Use oil to keep your machine working well, especially the internals of the gearbox
  • Use grease similarly to the above, fantastic product to keep the gears maintained and working smoothly
  • Use silicon wipes whenever wiping down any dirt from your replica; this also applies for any internal parts, if you cut it up to a small piece, you might be able to use it to clean the inside of your inner barrel. Essential to make sure you don’t leave any scratches!

However, if your replica does break by any chance, you’re probably better off sending it to a shop or a local tech to identify which component has given out and get it professionally repaired.

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Final Words

Although it sounds somewhat counterintuitive, AEGs are not actually that vulnerable to weather. Water is a great conductor of electricity thus you will most likely be okay in most conditions. Unless fully submerged with an open stock or gaps in the build, there won’t be enough water to shorten the electrical system.

Personally my replica has been used in some tough conditions such as: rain, hailstorm and even snow and nothing bad has happened so far. In between games, I simply I give a good wipe off and let it dry on the table; simple as! Don’t let rain stop you having a blast, if you have the right clothing gear for a game in the rain, it can be a great experience as it completely changes the atmosphere and the pace of the game.

Finally, use the rain to your advantage, as the wet slouchy ground will often slow people down and make them easier targets – just pick your own sneaky location wisely! Get out there, get wet, and have a belter! 

Written by Kamil Turecki

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