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Airsoft Operators Box Ltd. – Review [Patches, loot boxes and more!]



Currently, it seems like the world has gone subscription crazy! You have your Netflix subscriptions, Amazon prime subscriptions and subscriptions to smaller services which provide a variety of products.

Saying that, this is where this game changer for Airsoft maniacs enters the room!

Who and what is Airsoft Operators Box Ltd.?

Founded in 2017, AOB is a UK business for airsofters which provides its members with a monthly subscription to the Operators Box and Patch club.

As well as the monthly subscriptions, they also offer Tactical Gear, Apparel, Custom Patches and Draft Club BBs. 

Operators box: 

Each box will always contain the following:

  • Bottle of Draft Club BBS 
  • Tactical Tea or Tactical Coffee or A.O.B Hot Chocolate 
  • The remaining 3-4 items will vary but have in the past issues included things like speed loaders, pouches, vouchers, gloves, gas, apparel and much more 

Patch Club:

This is a monthly subscription service in which you will get 3 unique patches designed by Airsoft Operators Box. 

Morale Patches: 

These are available to purchase separate from the Patch Club and are available on the website. 

Limited Edition Console War Series: 

These are so cool! They are designed by the guys at A.O.B and are a series of 3 classic video game characters in an airsoft mash up. 

  • Gen 1 has already been released and there are 3 patches available in the initial series. 
  • Each patch will arrive on a card back, with a sticker and magnet and there will only be 100 available for each batch.
  • Bonus: If you own all 3 Gen 1 patches you will be given early access to Gen 2 when they are released. 

Pin Badges: 

Designed by A.O.B; however, there are only two designs currently available. 

Now that we have covered the who’s and what’s let’s get down to reviewing the following products: 

Monthly Patch Club

I have been closely following Airsoft Operators Box LTD for a long while now and I have seen them go from strength to strength; from offering a unique monthly package known as the Operators Box to having a monthly patch club with customs designs.

I was very lucky to be able to get my hands on a set of September’s Patch club patches to provide this review. The latest package includes: Toxie the Toxic Crusader, The Cartel Pig and The Galaxy Quest Logo.

So, what to expect? 

The patches arrive in a little box which is very well designed and features the A.O.B logo on the front. Inside you will find three patches. These patches change every month and can vary as to what the designs are. All the patches come individually wrapped in clear cellophane wrapper and each patch is 3D and made of PVC with a Velcro backing. 

What is the quality like? 

The colours are bold and the patches are all very thick and feel durable. The Velcro backing seems a lot better quality than what you will find on most patches bought cheap. There are no loose threads on the back from where the PVC and Velcro are sewn together, which is very reassuring.

How big are the patches? 

The size of the patches can vary each month due to the different unique designs that’s on offer. For example:

  • Toxie the Toxic Crusader and this stands at 3.75 inches tall.
  • The Cartel Pig stands just shy of 4 inches tall 
  • The Galaxy Quest Logo stands at 4 inches tall. 

As you can tell they are all generously sized.  

Can I purchase the patches without having a subscription? 

Majority of the patches which feature in the Patch Club are available to purchase separately and are priced from £5.99. 

How much is the subscription? 

£9.99 per month plus pp.

Back issues are £11.99 per month with £1.25pp and it is normally shipped on the last weekend of the month.

Pin Badges

As I mentioned earlier in my review, these pin badges are designed by A.O.B and come in two different designs, one of them is called the snake in a box and the other one is the A.O.B logo. Both are stunning. 

If these initial pins are well received, in which I am positive they will be, A.O.B may do a special series like the console war patches and they may even do a pin of the month club. Watch their space!

What to expect?

Just like the Patch club, the pin badges also arrive in a little box with the A.O.B logo on the front and inside the box, will be your pin badge on an Airsoft Operators Box card.  There are two different designs available, these are:  

  • Airsoft Operators Box Logo pin badge 
  • Snake in a box pin badge 
  • Finally, the brand new ‘No Ghost’s’ pin badge design is now available to pre order.

What is the quality like?

Made out of hard enamel and finished in black nickel it is really solid and the colours pop. These seem like they will last and withstand a few shots, however, I have not tested this.  In general, excellent quality and design all round. 

How big are they? 

Standing at 1.5 inches these are a real eye-catching pin to have on your kit. 

Can I purchase the pin badges without having a subscription? 

Yes, these are priced at £5.99 each plus pp. 


Coming soon, should the initial pin badges do well.

Airsoft Ranch Verdict

Would I recommend them?

Of course, I would. If you are into collecting patches and pins that is. At the end of the day, what A.O.B offer is something totally unique and different from almost all the other leading airsoft brands around. Think of it like a mini birthday or Christmas every month! 

All in all what A.O.B are doing is fantastic and I would highly recommend them for their awesome quality patches and pins, there excellent customer service and the professionalism that you very rarely get these days. 

If you want to get your hands on these awesome patches or any of the other super cool stuff that these guys sell, use my link below for an included 10% discount:


Huge thank you to the guys at A.O.B for giving me the chance to review these amazing products!

Be sure to check out A.O.B socials 

Instagram: airsoft_operators_box_ltd

Facebook: Airsoft Operators Box LTD 

Twitter: AOB_LTD

Written by Jade Bromfield

Edited by Kamil Turecki

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