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Kamil Turecki

How does an AEG work? [AEG Wiki]

Understanding the principles In order to understand how different internal parts affect each other’s performance, we must first understand how an AEG actually operates. You will find this section helpful especially if you are currently facing issues with your AEG… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Tips for Airsoft Beginners [What do I need and how to start?]

Are you looking to get into airsoft as a hobby? Here in this article I will list top five tips for an airsoft beginner to look out for these will cover the basics from choosing your gear to a general… Continue Reading →

Everything you need to know about an AEG [Master Article]

Introduction In order to get you informed on how AEGs work we have decided to create the ultimate guide on this topic that covers everything you need to know in one place. No more browsing through ten different websites and… Continue Reading →

Tokyo Marui G17 Gen3 – Review and Helpful Illustrated Upgrade Guide

Tokyo Marui – dominating the airsoft market since 1991. The year when they released the first AEG design the world has ever seen, the famous Famas F1. Tokyo Marui (TM) have also been producing gas blow back pistols for even… Continue Reading →

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