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G&G Firehawk – Great CQB Replica – [Comprehensive Review]


So you might have played a couple of games at this point and you’ve realised that you like to get yourself up close and personal with the opposite team. However, you’ve found that the hire replicas you were given, were quite cumbersome and didn’t allow you to swiftly manoeuvre in tight positions and easily clear rooms in CQB situations.

Therefore, you’ve found yourself looking at reviews of short barrelled Airsoft rᎥfles. Well, in that case you’re in the right place.

Firehawk is a tiny replica that packs a punch and is simultaneously incredibly easy to operate due to its size. Finally, you might be wondering why I am reviewing a G&G product as I am one of the ICS captains. However, I figured my very first RIF (Realistic Imitation FᎥrearm) review, should be done on my very first RIF – The Handy G&G Firehawk.


  • Short
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate
  • Perfect for CQB
  • Good value for money


  • Odd issues with high cap magazines
  • Occasional gear jamming issues
  • Not much room in stock for the battery

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So out of the box the G&G Firehawk performs better than any other similar sized RIF within its price range around the £150 mark. It’s the perfect replica for CQB sites and other close distance engagements; although it somewhat lacks effective range in comparison to other full sized AEGs on the field, it still manages to be an all round good performer at woodland sites.

This airsoft rᎥfle feels study and is well built; clearly G&G continues to maintain the quality of their products since they’ve launched their own brand G&G Arnaments in 2001, Taiwan. Furthermore, the Firehawk has many great features including flip up sights, ambidextrous sling loop, CR stock and a Unique Flash Hider.

So without further a do, let’s take a look at the specs of this rᎥfle! Just remember that the FPS might slightly vary from model to model, this particular one I tested was perfectly under the UK limit.

Specs and Features

  • Feet per second (FPS): 345 (+5%/-5%)
  • Rate of fire (ROF): 29 rounds per second (on 11.1v lipo)
  • Gearbox Version: 2
  • Min Length: 540mm / Max Length: 610mm
  • Battery Type: 7.4v lipo / 11.1v lipo (G&G recommends 11.1v lipo)
  • Weight (with Magazine): 2400g
  • Inner Barrel Length: 120mm Diameter: 6.08
  • Hop Up: Adjustable behind mock Bolt Cover
  • Construction: Mostly Polymer, Alloy parts include: Barrel, Rails, Flash Hider, Sights, Buffer Tube & Selector Switch


After having used several good out of the box replicas, I’ve chosen to compare the G&G Firehawk to the ICS MX5 A4 which stands at a similar price tag, at just £30 more than its counterpart. In the chart below, I’ve scored both RIFs out of 10 on various aspects, based on my personal experiences with both replicas (1 being terrible and 10 being amazing):

Scoring ChartG&G FirehawkICS MX5 A4
Battery Consumption (Semi-Auto)77
Batter Consumption (Full-Auto)55
(Due to odd mag compatibility)
Reliability 6
(Occasional jamming issue)
(Never had any issue so far)
Overall Score6.17.8

As you can see from the table above, the G&G Firehawk scored well on everything except usability. This was mainly based on the issue that I had with this particular model – some of the high-cap magazines weren’t feeding properly – more details on this in the next section.

To summarise, for a small compact RIF that seems to be more of an SMG than a carbine imitation of M4, the effective range in comparison to other small sized replicas stands at a good distance and lands around the 40-50 metres mark. The replica is well built and easy to handle, great for tight spaces and outmanoeuvring the opposition. Perfect for a player who likes to get into the midst of action and make an impact!

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Magazines Compatibility

I know it seems like I have a lot of good things to say about the Firehawk, however there are of course some negative aspects. The main issue I had was the problematic high-cap magazine compatibility; here’s a short key to explain what the terms in the next paragraph actually mean.

  • High-cap – High Capacity Magazine (300 – 450 rounds)
  • Mid-cap – Medium Capacity Magazine (80 – 150 rounds)

Unfortunately, non-G&G high-caps don’t perform well in this replica. This issue is also present in some other G&G products like the RK74 lineup. Personally, the only high-cap I have been able to use in my Firehawk without any feeding issues is the one that actually came with it – The G&G G-Mag. Ironically, the replica feeds fine with every other brand’s mid-caps that I have tried.

I guess now some of you might be thinking, maybe the issue actually lies with the magazines and not the Firehawk. However, the exact same high-caps I have tested, work fine in every other RIFs I’ve used them in, including my G&G top Tech M4. However, this is not a persistent issue across all models from the Firehawk line of products; some people come across this problem, some don’t. Unfortunately, I did.

Occasional Loss of Power

During my airsoft journey with the Firehawk, I have also come across an occasional loss of power, this specifically occurred during prolonged full auto firing. However, it also sometimes happened on semi-automatic when tapping the trigger rapidly. When this particular issue occurred, the replica’s FPS would drop significantly and the range would half for a couple of shots. Although, I wasn’t able to identify the particular cause of this occurrence, I presume that installing a MOSFET might have helped.

Gears Jamming

Furthermore, the gears would occasionally jam which has happened to me a few times during game play. However, I feel obligated to say this only happened on few occasions over 5 years of regular use.

In order to quickly fix that problem, I found a way to smack the lower receiver of the replica where the gearbox is located as the gears had jammed and stopped spinning, this would dislocate whatever had cause the gears to jam and the replica would be fully functional again. However, this is not an optimal way of dealing with the issue; I thoroughly recommend seeing a technician or asking fellow veterans to have a look at your replica.

Small Stock Tube

Finally, the stock tube doesn’t come with much room for a battery due to the size of the replica and the fuse inside. The Firehawk comes with a blade fuse fitted not far from the Tamiya connector which forces you to fiddle with the set up in order to get the fuse and the battery in position where you can comfortably get the stock back after everything is set.

Recommended Upgrades

Lastly, if you already have a G&G Firehawk and are willing to improve your range and accuracy, then I have the solution for you! From personal experience, I can recommend the:

Due to those upgrades, I have managed to double my range to around 70 metres and in the end it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. Although I do warn you that this may increase your FPS over the UK limit (350fps), which might require further adjustments.

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Viking’s Verdict

If you’re new to airsoft and are looking for your first RIF and only have a budget of around £150 for your first replica, then the G&G Firehawk will always be one of my recommendations of choice as its cheap, reliable and good out of the box for that price range. Also if you’re a veteran and are looking for a new project, then I also recommend this airsoft rᎥfle.

However, that being said if you can afford to spend a bit more or if you’re patient enough to save a little bit longer than I wholeheartedly recommend investing in a better replica like the G&G ARP-9 or ARP-556 or an ICS AKS 74U or CXP.08 Concept RᎥfle.

So if you’ve decided to go ahead and purchase a G&G Firehawk, great! I’m glad we could help you come to this decision. Here’s a few final words if you’re new to airsoft: although the replica is 11.1v lipo ready, I recommend you to purchase 2x 7.4v Lipo batteries (Nuprol brand) as they fit snugly into the stock; don’t worry about the rate of fire as it is still adequate at around 21-23 RPS with the 7.4v.

Use 0.25g BB’s to increase accuracy and buy yourself a smart Balance Charger and a flame proof Lipo Charge Bag for safe keeping. Also, make sure not to fully drain your batteries when you’re out playing. Once your RIF starts to lose power and sound like the battery is running out, you’ll know when you hear it, just return to the safe zone and input a fresh new Lipo.

I hope you enjoyed this article and it helped you make a decision about the G&G Firehawk! If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment message me on instagram or message the Airsoft Ranch team through the contact form.

Written by Stephen Howe (Callsign: Viking)

Edited by Kamil Turecki


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  1. Hello! I am Callsign CRAZMAN from Idaho airsoft team RWA. I purchased the G&G firehawk from Airsoft GI for $150 while it was on sale. I chose this replica, as I thought that most of the Idaho airsoft fields were like converted paintball fields, though I was wrong. I ended up joining the amazing community Milsim Airsoft Group (MAG) that hosts free to play milsim events every Saturday at various locations in Idaho’s rocky wilderness. This replica is a beast at shooting close range, though requires a fair bit of knowledge to operate. Due to this replica’s high rate of fire, I recommend that a 7.4 lipo or less be used, as wear and tear will take a toll on it, or you will burn up your trigger contacts. Another thing to point out is that the gearbox shell is not the same quality as in newer models of airsoft replicas. It will crack over time. The buffer tube does not have much space for battery options, and is rear wired, making peq battery boxes not an option. I agree that it does not have long range, probably only goes to 120 ft “accurately” This replica will not perform well, unless it is in an indoor field, or close quarters wooded or rocky environment. However, the light weight is a huge pro. The biggest problem I had with it is that the anti reversal latch kept becoming disengaged, making the gearbox not cycle right, therefore jamming it. The best part is that I found that the muzzle brake will increase the sound and scare players into calling their hits. It is a good replica for an intermediate cqb airsoft enthusiast who has the money to upgrade it and keep it maintained.

  2. There is definately a great deal to know about this
    subject. I really like all the points you have made.


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