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G&G GR4 G26 Black Rose EBB – Great Budget Electric Blow Black [Comprehensive Review]


I knew exactly what I wanted for my first AEG – it had to be a M4 platform and certainly could not have stick mags. I wanted something of an average size and something that wasn’t too heavy to hold for prolonged periods of time. So, with this in mind, I started to look around the Mercia Airsoft shop and noticed a multitude of great looking M4s from all different brands such as Classic Army, TM and G&G to name a few. “How on earth am I meant to choose the perfect AEG?” when there are so many variants from so many high quality brands. Then there it was, the G&G GR4 G26 Black Rose in all of its black and pink glory. So unique in contrast to all the other M4s, a very refreshing look. I knew this was the one for me!

So, you may be thinking this is just a standard G&G GR4 G36 and you wouldn’t be wrong, however, this AEG is a breath of fresh air in a crowd of conventional looking M4s that are currently flooding the market. What really attracted me was the hot pink aesthetics which stood out from the sea of black and tan replicas and instantly drew my attention.


  • Great range out of the box ✔
  • Electric Blow Back ✔
  • Low profile Gas Block ✔
  • Rubberised Cheek Pad and Butt Pad for comfortable hold ✔
  • Spare Battery compartment hidden in the stock ✔
  • Takes standard M4/M16 Mags ✔
  • Sliding stock ✔

The performance of this AEG for a mid range rᎥfle is second to none, the gearbox operation is quite smooth and the shots are accurate, a real pleasure to shoot. I have got a range of around 50-60 meters but this was tested on a windy (ish) day and there was some rain. The rate of fire is consistent at 900-1000 RPM (approx. 16rps) on full auto and with no double feeding issues to report and the overall compatibility with other branded M4 mags has been a breeze with no issues at all. Internally the AEG is on par with any higher end AEG – unfortunately, the G&G GR4 G26 does not come with a mosfet, however, you can have one fitted at the retailer. I have ran this AEG on both a 7.4 and 11.1v Lipo and found both to work like a dream. The EBB (Electric Blow Back) is awesome, whilst it’s not the most powerful it’s still a nice little feature to include on otherwise an amazing AEG. The Hop Up unit is made from plastic, however it produces good results and can be easily upgraded should you wish to do so, it also features a fully alloy gearbox and it’s front wired for a battery.

The main features of this aesthetically pleasing rᎥfle are enough to send any airsofter weak at the knees. Featuring the latest generation G&G Blowback design and the unique dual black and pink aesthetics, flip up rail integrated front iron sight, enlarged charging handle and 6 position retractable ergonomic stock to name a few.

Whilst there are so many really good and highly impressive features and pros, unfortunately, I have found a few cons which are all mainly to do with the handguard. This could be resolved by making a few changes, however, I struggled to find anything essentially wrong with this AEG.


  • Battery compartment in the handguard
  • Hand guard does not have side 20mm rails (however, top and bottom are available)
  • The handguard comes loose as it is only clipped on so I had to resort in taping the front on
  • Front Wired
  • Plastic upper and lower receiver

All in all, if you are looking for an AEG that is good for beginners and veteran airsofters alike but also highly upgradable as it takes Tokyo Marui standard parts then this is certainly the one for you. The trigger operates smoothly and the ergonomics are phenomenal. You really could not ask for more from a mid-tier EBB AEG straight out of the box and even though the rᎥfle is made out of polymer, it feels very sturdy and overall reduces its weight. G&G have made a real effort with this one!  Overall, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Specifications (Out of the box)

FPS (Feet per second) 330
ROF (Rate of fire)16 RPS (Rounds per second)
Effective Range55m (Tested on a slightly windy and wet day)
Recommended BB weight0.25g (Used Blaster BBs for testing)
Inner Barrel260mm
Adjustable Hop -UpYes, pull back charging
handle to reveal hop
inside of the dust cover
Powered By7.4v/11.1v Lipo
Fire ModesSafe
Semi Auto
Full Auto
Construction Alloy: barrel assembly, stock tube and alloy gearbox
Polymer: handguard, upper and lower receiver , stock and pᎥstol grip
Flash Hider/
Yes, 14mm CCW
Rail System N/A – 20mm picatinny rail mounting points on top, also available to fit a 20mm RIS Rails
WeightApprox 2.6kg with no
UKARA Although pink, you still need a UKARA to purchase this AEG
Price£200 – £230


  • Adjustable Hop up Unit
  • Low profile, mock Gas Block
  • Hot Pink Aesthetics
  • BlowBack Design
  • Mock Forward Assist
  • Full Alloy Internals
  • Easy to open front Battery Compartment
  • Stock Mounted QD Sling Mount Point
  • 14mm CCW Flash Hider/ Compensator
  • 6 Position retractable Stock

What is included in the box?

  • G&G GR4 G26 Black Rose
  • High Capacity Rubberized Polymer Magazine for enhanced grip (350 rounds)
  • Cleaning Rod
  • Instruction Manual
  • Hot Pink mags are available separately from Land Warrior Airsoft £29.99 each. These are high cap magazines holding 450 rounds each.


Upgrading the G&G GR4 G26 Black Rose is quite standard in terms of the hop up and upper receiver, this allows you to adapt it any way that you wish – both externally and somewhat internally. However, as this AEG features EBB I cannot comment on whether you will encounter any issues or difficulties whilst upgrading the gearbox. The front hand guard can easily be replaced with a standard M4 RIS rail if you would prefer more mounting options. From a personal perspective, I would eventually be upgrading the front to enable me to put the battery in the stock and have it rear wired to avoid the hand guard coming off during game. Other than this, I prefer to run this reifle until something needs changing or repairing as I am already happy with its out of the box performance.

Airsoft Ranch Verdict

So, when it comes down to recommending this AEG, would I? Yes – if you are looking for a budget version of Electric Blow Back with good performance and would like to stand out on the field. Overall G&G have done great in terms of the performance of this replica. It is a pleasure to use and it feels great to hold and shoot due to the unique handguard and decent EBB. Generally it’s good value for money out of the box.

I can safely say that the G&G GR4 G26 Black Rose is my idea of a perfect budget EBB AEG. If you have any comments or questions leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Written by Jade Bromfield

Edited by Kamil Turecki

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