Below is the list of all the Airsoft game sites in the UK. (Hint use “ctrl + f” to search for your specific site.)

Updated – 02/02/2019

Ambush Adventures AAA GU15 3JS
Northeast Tactical Action Centre AAC DL148EJ
Arena Airsoft AAL DN313JD
Ace Airsoft War Games AAW ST57NT
THE BUNKER (Aber Airsoft) ABA SY235BY
101 Airsoft Club ABI BT307PT
Ace Combat ACA TN127DG
Airsoft GB AGB CO77US
Absolute Airsoft ALA SL72PY
Ancaster Leisure Enterprises ALE NG323PY
Alpha 55 ALP CH427JT
Ambush Paintball AMB SO316EQ venue SO322HL
Apocalypse Airsoft APO ME196QS
Airsoft Cardiff ARC CF149EA
Raw War Airsoft ASC CA130RY
ASD Events (Slaughter House) ASD HU74LR HU151PX
ACE Target Sports IV51 9EG
AWA Herts Airsoft AWA CM170EB
Bristol Airsoft BAM BS419AQ
Battleground Airsoft BAS NR50RR
Bus Airsoft Team BAT SA715NU
The Battlegrounds Ltd BBA AB315HN
Better Battles BBG NG43BJ
Beacon 155 BCN DH45DQ
Black Dagger Airsoft BDA S182HF
Black Hills Airsoft BHA S201EP
Badlands Airsoft BLS BN176TD
Boreland Farm Ltd BLT EH3 7BJ
Bunker Airsoft South Wales BNK CF466BT
Bristol Activity Centre . Black Ops Cribbs Ltd BOC BS233AS
Bravo Romeo Airsoft BRA BH207JL
Bravo 22 Ltd Airsoft BRV L333AJ
Battle Stations Activities Ltd BSA NR162JV
Battle Sector X Ltd BSX ME24EL
Bournemouth University Airsoft Society BUA BH125BB
Dropzone Airsoft C3T CF14 2FN
Close Action Airsoft Ltd CAA LE168XG
Combat Action Games CAG NR14PY
Combat Airsoft Portadown CAP BT623JD
Cotswold Airsoft CAS GL560HF
Charlie Delta Airsoft CDA LS14 1PE
Cornwall Elite Airsoft CEA TR24AY
Contact Front Limited CFA BH242DG
Corfe Military Airsoft CMA BH205HF
Commando Elite Paintball and Airsoft CPA PE282LS
Combat Paint Ball Ltd (Combat Airsoft) CPL IP222SP
Combat Ready Airsoft Ltd CRA DE223SX
Combat South CSA PO35NU
Cardiff University Airsoft CUA CF103QN
Cool Under Fire CUF ME90JS
Cumbria Airsoft CUM CA25QZ
The Ex Site DAR CH7 5EE
District 23 Billingham Ltd (OMG Events) DBL TS233TA
D C Active Ltd t/as Skirmish Leicester DCA LE17 4HP
Dirty Dog Airsoft DDA DL42ER
Dragons Lair Airsoft DLA RM78RD
The Department CQB DPT LE93GQ
Dragon Valley Ltd DVA CF244SW
Driver Wood Paintball DWE RH10 4TA
Rules of Engagement EAE SS71QB
Elite Action Games EAG TW209EB
Crackshots ( MTC Devon Ltd ) EAS EX111LU
Essex Historic Military Vehicles ( HMVA ) EHM CM27AJ
Splatoon Paintball & Airsoft EOA CM28QP
Experience Airsoft EXA SN253DZ
First and Only Airsoft FAO M328HZ
Finmere Airsoft FAS WS117XA
Frontier Airsoft UK FAU CV109DG
Fireball Squadron FBS B755SA
Free Fire Zone FFZ PE73DH
Fear Masters Airsoft FMA LS104LZ
Ford Air Rifle Ranges ( Bravura Services Ltd T/A) FRR BN180HR
Fife Wargames Ltd FWG KY103XL
Gunman Airsoft Ltd GMA PE67DG
Ground Zero GZA BH121DW
Hard Target Airsoft HAA CF320LR
Humber Airsoft HAC DN214TP
Halo Mill HAL HD75QG
Holmbush Paintball HBA RH124SE
The Hill Airsoft Ltd HIL DD30PQ
Hardline Airsoft HLA BB120EG
Hoots Lair Airsoft Club Ltd HLW WA36EH
Invicta Battlefield IBA TN129QS
Imperium Battlegrounds IMP KT152SD
Island Recon Airsoft IRA PO305QS
Kidderminster Airsoft t.a. Paintball Park Kiddiminster Limited KAP DY103NN
KGB Airsoft KGB TR85DA
Killhouse KHA WF170EW
Labyrinth Airsoft (End of Days Events Ltd) LAB BL23QE
Lincolnshire Airsoft Club LAC DN214BU
Lagan Airsoft Ltd LAG BT170AE
Lindsey Airsoft LAS LN118UX
Level 2 Airsoft ( CQB Airsoft Ltd ) LEV M46 9FD
Lock n Load LNL BT480LY
London Practical Shooting Airsoft Association LPS SE94HH
Land Warrior Skirmishing LWA EH224ST
Maddog Airsoft .High Harthay Outdoor Pursuits. MAD PE284NG
Midlands Airsoft Wargames MAW DE110XJ
Matlock Combat Games MCG NG243NE
The Mill Portadown Ltd MIL BT63 5NE
Mad Mommas Airsoft MMA PL68RU
Military Outdoor Adventure MOA WN6 9PL
Hockley Airsoft Arena ( MPA Enterprises Ltd ) MPA SS54AD
Mayhem South East MSE ME59BD
Midwales airsoft MWA LD16YN
Northern Alliance Airsoft NAA YO74JT
No Limits Paintball and Laser Ltd NLP NE82YP
Nomad Airsoft NOM G535DG
NPF Bassets Pole NPF B755SA
Northern Skirmishing Club NSC NE200JR
Adrenalin Airsoft – Adrenalin North Yorkshire Ltd. NYL DL105EZ
OP-Tactical-UK-Events OPS ST58EP
Over The Top Airsoft Club OTT LL319HB
Phoenix Airsoft Adventures PAA NG198RL
Pathfinder Airsoft Club PFA SA126DA
Outpost Paintball POC CH49AQ
Player of War POW FK42BB
Predator Combat Games PRE BT319LY
Pistol Shrimps Airsoft Arena PSA LA33NT
Quex Park Paintball & Outdoor Laser Tag Centre QPP CT70BH
Red 1 Skirmish Ltd R1S AL34ED
Reddich Airsoft Skirmish (Phoenix Paintball Ltd) RAS WS117XA
Red Alert Paintball RED RG14 1LA
Respawn Airsoft RES HD33EQ
R.I.F.T Airsoft RFT SG14QS
Rogue Airsoft ( Battlefield Live T/A) ROG PL12 6EE—Recreation/Battlefield-Live-Kernow-128322993914289/
Reforger Airsoft Club RRG WD48RS
Section 8 Airsoft. Midas Airsoft Ltd trading as S8A G783QL
Skirmish Airsoft Billericay SAB CM112TX
Scarborough Airsoft Club SAC YO113EJ
Skirmish Exeter (Charsima Leisure) SAE TQ72TJ
Spartan Airsoft Ltd SAL BS153BT
Independence16 Ltd (Scorpion Airsoft) SAU NR217JS
Spartan Airsoft South West SAW PL97PD
Skirmish Central SCA NN100RL
South Coast CQB SCC PO130ZB
Scorpion Airsoft SCO RH8 0LJ
SEO Airsoft SEO CT125LU
Sabotage Events Ltd SEV MK111AF
Survival Paintball Ltd SGA EX313LZ
Shock and Awe Airsoft Ltd SHA CH87BW
Skirmish Hilton Park ( Phoenix Paintball Ltd ) SHP WS117XA
Shropshire Airsoft War Games SHR SY25RN
Mega Leisure Ltd ta (Skirmish 51 Airsoft) SKA BT399PH
Skirmish Airsoft Nottingham (UK Airsoft Ltd) SKI NG58SA
Swindon Airsoft SNA SN22PJ
Shadow Opz Airsoft SOA CT119ER
Special Ops Airsoft SOS MK77EN
Skirmish Airsoft Norwich (Skirmish Paintball) SPG NR161HQ
Spec Ops Ltd SPO DT49AJ
Southern Skirmish Airsoft SSP BH20 4LU
Stormforce Airsoft STF WS154LD
University of Southampton Airsoft Society SUA SO171BJ
Skirmish Wycombe Airsoft SWA HP14 3NP
Armoury Action Air TAA DY103DQ
Tank-Trax Activity Centre TAC TR164BG
A.A.A. CQB t.a Triple A Airsoft Ltd TAL CT170AG
Taskforce Paintball TAS CF56BQ
Tazball Activities TAZ IV26DN
The Foundry CQB (Leeds Airsoft Ltd) TFC LS101RX
The Fort TFF KY59HE
The Gaol Events TGE LE157TU
Trigger Happy Airsoft ( OakView Trading) THA BT41JB
Tac House Spartan Airsoft Ltd THS S431LE
Thunderpark Paintball & Airsoft TPA PL305FA
All Arms Airsoft TRA OL90ND
Invasion Airsoft TRO SK30AG
Tactical Warfare TWA CR03NE
Torrent Warfare TWF BT714DY
Southwest Paintball Ltd ( UCZ Paintball Parks ) UCZ TQ126JD
UPSU Airsoft Club UPA PL448AA
Ultimate Airsoft LTD / Bunker 51 URL SE78NJ
Ultimate Wargames Limited UWG RH80RH DA38NY
Viperstrike Airsoft VSA DD81QX
Twisted Realities VTR SP97SE
Wolf Armouries London Skirmish WAA NW10SG
Ironsight Airsoft (Woodlands Outdoor Leisure Ltd) WAC SO211RP
Warminster Activity Centre Ltd WAP BA127RZ
Site Alpha by Warchimp Industries WCI FY42DP
The War Games Centre WGC PA11JR
Wastelands Airsoft WLA HD47AB
West Midlands Airsoft WMA WS11 9RU
The Worx Combat Centre WRX G847NJ
Xsite Airsoft Ltd XSA HP143DE
Zed Events Ltd ZED HP156JP