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List of Airsoft sites in the UK


Important Notice: Click here to see our brand new interactive map for Airsoft sites in UK!

Below is the list of all the Airsoft game sites in the UK. (Hint use “ctrl + f” to search for your specific site.)

(Updated – 02/02/2019) – See New Map Here

Ambush Adventures AAA GU15 3JS http://www.globalairsoft.co.uk/
Northeast Tactical Action Centre AAC DL148EJ www.ntacentre.co.uk/
Arena Airsoft AAL DN313JD http://www.arenaairsoft.com
Ace Airsoft War Games AAW ST57NT www.aceairsoft.co.uk/
THE BUNKER (Aber Airsoft) ABA SY235BY http://www.aberairsoft.co.uk
101 Airsoft Club ABI BT307PT www.facebook.com/Airborne101AirsoftClub/
ARESBLACKOPS ABO LE168AA www.facebook.com/Black.Ops.Airsoft.Cribbs/
Ace Combat ACA TN127DG https://acecombat.co.uk/
Airsoft GB AGB CO77US https://www.airsoftgb.com
Absolute Airsoft ALA SL72PY http://www.absolute-airsoft.co.uk
Ancaster Leisure Enterprises ALE NG323PY http://www.ancasterkarting.co.uk/airsoft/
Alpha 55 ALP CH427JT www.alpha55airsoft.co.uk/
Ambush Paintball AMB SO316EQ venue SO322HL http://www.ambushpaintball.co.uk
Apocalypse Airsoft APO ME196QS http://www.apocalypse249.com/home/index.htm
Airsoft Cardiff ARC CF149EA https://www.facebook.com/AirSoftCardiff/
Raw War Airsoft ASC CA130RY http://rawwarairsoft.co.uk/
ASD Events (Slaughter House) ASD HU74LR HU151PX www.slaughterhouseairsoft.co.uk/
ACE Target Sports IV51 9EG www.ace-skye.com/
AWA Herts Airsoft AWA CM170EB http://www.awaherts.com
Bristol Airsoft BAM BS419AQ https://bristolairsoft.com/
Battleground Airsoft BAS NR50RR http://www.battlegroundairsoft.co.uk/
Bus Airsoft Team BAT SA715NU https://busairsoft.com/index.html
The Battlegrounds Ltd BBA AB315HN https://www.battle-scotland.co.uk/
Better Battles BBG NG43BJ http://jugglerjaxx.wixsite.com/betterbattles
Beacon 155 BCN DH45DQ http://beacon155.org/
Black Dagger Airsoft BDA S182HF https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blackdagger-Airsoft/140482499463355
Black Hills Airsoft BHA S201EP http://blackhillsairsoft.co.uk/
Badlands Airsoft BLS BN176TD www.badlandsairsoft.co.uk/
Boreland Farm Ltd BLT EH3 7BJ http://www.borelandlochtay.co.uk
Bunker Airsoft South Wales BNK CF466BT https://www.facebook.com/BunkerAirsoft/
Bristol Activity Centre . Black Ops Cribbs Ltd BOC BS233AS http://www.bristolactivitycentre.co.uk
Bravo Romeo Airsoft BRA BH207JL www.bravoromeoairsoft.co.uk
Bravo 22 Ltd Airsoft BRV L333AJ http://www.bravo22airsoft.com/
Battle Stations Activities Ltd BSA NR162JV https://battlestationsactivities.co.uk/
Battle Sector X Ltd BSX ME24EL www.battlesectorx.com/
Bournemouth University Airsoft Society BUA BH125BB www.subu.org.uk/organisation/airsoftsociety/
Dropzone Airsoft C3T CF14 2FN www.facebook.com/DropZoneAirsoft1199/
Close Action Airsoft Ltd CAA LE168XG http://www.close-action.co.uk/
Combat Action Games CAG NR14PY https://www.combat-action-games.uk
Combat Airsoft Portadown CAP BT623JD www.combatairsoft.uk
Cotswold Airsoft CAS GL560HF http://www.cotswoldairsoft.co.uk
Charlie Delta Airsoft CDA LS14 1PE https://www.facebook.com/groups/470662486606625/
Cornwall Elite Airsoft CEA TR24AY https://www.facebook.com/cornwallseliteairsoft/
CERBERUS AIRSOFT CER YO243EZ http://www.cerberusairsoft.co.uk/
Contact Front Limited CFA BH242DG http://www.contactfront.co.uk/Airsoft/Bournemouth.html
Corfe Military Airsoft CMA BH205HF http://www.corfemilitaryairsoft.com
Commando Elite Paintball and Airsoft CPA PE282LS http://www.commandoelitepaintball.co.uk
Combat Paint Ball Ltd (Combat Airsoft) CPL IP222SP https://www.combatpaintball.com/contact
Combat Ready Airsoft Ltd CRA DE223SX https://www.combatreadyairsoft.co.uk/
Combat South CSA PO35NU https://www.combatsouth.co.uk/
Cardiff University Airsoft CUA CF103QN https://www.cardiffstudents.com/activities/society/airsoft/
Cool Under Fire CUF ME90JS http://www.coolunderfire.co.uk/
Cumbria Airsoft CUM CA25QZ http://www.cumbria-airsoft.com/
The Ex Site DAR CH7 5EE http://theexsitewales.co.uk/
District 23 Billingham Ltd (OMG Events) DBL TS233TA www.district23.co.uk
D C Active Ltd t/as Skirmish Leicester DCA LE17 4HP http://www.skirmishcombatgames.co.uk/airsoft-leicester
Dirty Dog Airsoft DDA DL42ER http://dirtydogairsoft.co.uk/
Dragons Lair Airsoft DLA RM78RD http://www.dragonslairairsoft.co.uk/
The Department CQB DPT LE93GQ https://extremeairsoft.co.uk/our-gamesite/
Dragon Valley Ltd DVA CF244SW http://www.dragonvalley.co.uk/index.php?link=contact
Driver Wood Paintball DWE RH10 4TA https://driverwoodpaintball.co.uk
Rules of Engagement EAE SS71QB https://roeairsoft.co.uk/
Elite Action Games EAG TW209EB http://www.eliteactiongames.co.uk/
Crackshots ( MTC Devon Ltd ) EAS EX111LU www.crackshots.co.uk
Essex Historic Military Vehicles ( HMVA ) EHM CM27AJ https://www.essexhmva.co.uk/
Splatoon Paintball & Airsoft EOA CM28QP www.splatoon.co.uk
Experience Airsoft EXA SN253DZ https://www.facebook.com/Experience-Airsoft-181770118513292/
First and Only Airsoft FAO M328HZ http://www.firstandonlyairsoft.com
Finmere Airsoft FAS WS117XA www.finmereairsoft.com
Frontier Airsoft UK FAU CV109DG http://www.frontierairsoft.co.uk
Fireball Squadron FBS B755SA http://www.fireballsquadron.com
Free Fire Zone FFZ PE73DH http://www.urbanassault.org.uk
Fear Masters Airsoft FMA LS104LZ https://www.facebook.com/FearMastersAirsoft/
Ford Air RᎥfle Ranges ( Bravura Services Ltd T/A) FRR BN180HR www.fordranges.co.uk
Fife Wargames Ltd FWG KY103XL www.fifewargames.com
Ground Zero GZA BH121DW http://www.groundzeroairsoft.com/GZA/Main.html
Hard Target Airsoft HAA CF320LR https://www.hardtargetairsoft.com/
Humber Airsoft HAC DN214TP https://www.humberairsoft.com/
Halo Mill HAL HD75QG http://www.halomill.com/
Holmbush Paintball HBA RH124SE http://www.holmbushpaintball.co.uk/
The Hill Airsoft Ltd HIL DD30PQ http://www.thehilldundee.co.uk/
Hardline Airsoft HLA BB120EG https://www.facebook.com/HardlineAirsoftUK/
Hoots Lair Airsoft Club Ltd HLW WA36EH www.hootslair.co.uk
Invicta Battlefield IBA TN129QS http://www.invictabattlefield.co.uk/
Imperium Battlegrounds IMP KT152SD http://imperiumbattlegrounds.com
Island Recon Airsoft IRA PO305QS http://www.islandrecon.co.uk/
Kidderminster Airsoft t.a. Paintball Park Kiddiminster Limited KAP DY103NN www.paintballpark.co.uk
KGB Airsoft KGB TR85DA https://www.facebook.com/KGBAirsoft/
Killhouse KHA WF170EW www.killhouse.co.uk
Labyrinth Airsoft (End of Days Events Ltd) LAB BL23QE http://www.northwestairsoft.co.uk
Lincolnshire Airsoft Club LAC DN214BU https://www.lincolnshireairsoftclub.co.uk
Lagan Airsoft Ltd LAG BT170AE https://www.facebook.com/Lagan-Airsoft-Club-1757994311100252/
Lindsey Airsoft LAS LN118UX https://www.lindsey-airsoft.co.uk
Level 2 Airsoft ( CQB Airsoft Ltd ) LEV M46 9FD https://booking.level2airsoft.co.uk/events/airsoft
Lock n Load LNL BT480LY http://www.locknloadderry.com/battlefield
London Practical Shooting Airsoft Association LPS SE94HH https://www.facebook.com/londonpsa/
Land Warrior Skirmishing LWA EH224ST http://airsoftedinburgh.com/
Maddog Airsoft .High Harthay Outdoor Pursuits. MAD PE284NG https://www.facebook.com/maddogairsoftground
Midlands Airsoft Wargames MAW DE110XJ http://www.midlandsairsoftwargames.co.uk/
Matlock Combat Games MCG NG243NE http://www.matlockcombatgames.com
The Mill Portadown Ltd MIL BT63 5NE https://themillni.com/main/
Mad Mommas Airsoft MMA PL68RU https://www.facebook.com/airsmurf/
Military Outdoor Adventure MOA WN6 9PL http://www.militaryoutdooradventure.net/airsoft-contact.html
Hockley Airsoft Arena ( MPA Enterprises Ltd ) MPA SS54AD https://www.mpa-airsoft.co.uk/
Mayhem South East MSE ME59BD https://www.mayhemsoutheast.com/
Midwales airsoft MWA LD16YN https://www.facebook.com/midwalesairsoftteam/
Northern Alliance Airsoft NAA YO74JT http://www.northernallianceairsoft.co.uk/
No Limits Paintball and Laser Ltd NLP NE82YP http://www.nolimitspaintballandlaser.co.uk
Nomad Airsoft NOM G535DG https://www.facebook.com/TeamNomadAirsoft/
NPF Bassets Pole NPF B755SA https://www.npfbassettspole.com/
Northern Skirmishing Club NSC NE200JR www.nscairsoft.co.uk
Adrenalin Airsoft – Adrenalin North Yorkshire Ltd. NYL DL105EZ www.adrenalinnylimited.co.uk
OP-Tactical-UK-Events OPS ST58EP http://www.op-tac.co.uk
Over The Top Airsoft Club OTT LL319HB https://ottairsoft.github.io/
Phoenix Airsoft Adventures PAA NG198RL http://www.phoenix-airsoft.co.uk
Pathfinder Airsoft Club PFA SA126DA http://www.pathfinder-airsoft.com
Outpost Paintball POC CH49AQ https://www.outpostpaintball.co.uk/
Player of War POW FK42BB http://www.playersofwar.co.uk/
Predator Combat Games PRE BT319LY www.predatorcombat.com
Quex Park Paintball & Outdoor Laser Tag Centre QPP CT70BH http://quexactivitycentre.com/
Red 1 Skirmish Ltd R1S AL34ED https://www.facebook.com/Airsoft.CQB.The.School/
Reddich Airsoft Skirmish (Phoenix Paintball Ltd) RAS WS117XA http://www.paintballuk.com
Red Alert Paintball RED RG14 1LA www.redalertpaintball.co.uk
Respawn Airsoft RES HD33EQ http://www.respawnairsoft.co.uk/
R.I.F.T Airsoft RFT SG14QS http://www.riftairsoft.com
Rogue Airsoft ( Battlefield Live T/A) ROG PL12 6EE https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Sports—Recreation/Battlefield-Live-Kernow-128322993914289/
Reforger Airsoft Club RRG WD48RS www.reforgerairsoft.com
Section 8 Airsoft. Midas Airsoft Ltd trading as S8A G783QL http://www.s8airsoft.com/
Skirmish Airsoft Billericay SAB CM112TX http://www.airsoft-billericay.co.uk/
Scarborough Airsoft Club SAC YO113EJ https://www.facebook.com/SAC-Scarborough-Airsoft-Club-267972690245411/
Skirmish Exeter (Charsima Leisure) SAE TQ72TJ www.skirmishdevon.co.uk/
Spartan Airsoft Ltd SAL BS153BT http://www.spartanairsoft.co.uk
Independence16 Ltd (Scorpion Airsoft) SAU NR217JS http://scorpionairsoft.uk/
Spartan Airsoft South West SAW PL97PD http://spartanairsoft.co.uk/
Skirmish Central SCA NN100RL http://www.skirmishcentral.com/airsoft
South Coast CQB SCC PO130ZB http://www.southcoast-cqb.co.uk
Scorpion Airsoft SCO RH8 0LJ http://www.scorpionairsoft.uk/
SEO Airsoft SEO CT125LU https://seoairsoft.com/
Sabotage Events Ltd SEV MK111AF http://www.sabotage-events.com/
Survival Paintball Ltd SGA EX313LZ http://www.survivalpaintball.com
Shock and Awe Airsoft Ltd SHA CH87BW http://www.shockandaweairsoft.co.uk
Skirmish Hilton Park ( Phoenix Paintball Ltd ) SHP WS117XA http://www.paintballuk.com/activities/airsoft/
Shropshire Airsoft War Games SHR SY25RN https://sawg.co.uk/
Mega Leisure Ltd ta (Skirmish 51 Airsoft) SKA BT399PH www.megaleisureni.com
Skirmish Airsoft Nottingham (UK Airsoft Ltd) SKI NG58SA http://www.skirmishairsoft.co.uk
Swindon Airsoft SNA SN22PJ http://www.swindonairsoft.co.uk/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=156
Shadow Opz Airsoft SOA CT119ER https://www.facebook.com/ShadowOpzAirsoft/
Special Ops Airsoft SOS MK77EN http://www.specialopshq.co.uk
Skirmish Airsoft Norwich (Skirmish Paintball) SPG NR161HQ http://www.paintballskirmish.co.uk/about-airsoft
Spec Ops Ltd SPO DT49AJ https://www.specopsairsoft.co.uk/
Southern Skirmish Airsoft SSP BH20 4LU https://www.southcoast-cqb.co.uk/
Stormforce Airsoft STF WS154LD www.stormforceairsoft.co.uk
University of Southampton Airsoft Society SUA SO171BJ http://www.supac.org.uk
Skirmish Wycombe Airsoft SWA HP14 3NP www.skirmishwycombeairsoft.com
Armoury Action Air TAA DY103DQ https://armouryactionair.co.uk/
Tank-Trax Activity Centre TAC TR164BG https://www.facebook.com/TankTraxCornwall/
A.A.A. CQB t.a Triple A Airsoft Ltd TAL CT170AG https://www.facebook.com/TripleAairsoft/
Taskforce Paintball TAS CF56BQ http://www.taskforcepaintball.co.uk
Tazball Activities TAZ IV26DN http://www.tazballpaintball.co.uk
The Foundry CQB (Leeds Airsoft Ltd) TFC LS101RX http://thefoundrycqb.co.uk/
The Fort TFF KY59HE http://www.fortairsoft.co.uk/
The Gaol Events TGE LE157TU http://www.thegaolevents.com
Trigger Happy Airsoft ( OakView Trading) THA BT41JB http://www.triggerhappybelfast.com/
Tac House Spartan Airsoft Ltd THS S431LE www.tachousespartan.co.uk
Thunderpark Paintball & Airsoft TPA PL305FA www.thunderpark.co.uk
All Arms Airsoft TRA OL90ND https://allarmsairsoft.com/
Invasion Airsoft TRO SK30AG www.invasionairsoft.com
Tactical Warfare TWA CR03NE https://www.tacticalwarfare.co.uk/
Torrent Warfare TWF BT714DY https://www.facebook.com/TorrentWarfare/
Southwest Paintball Ltd ( UCZ Paintball Parks ) UCZ TQ126JD http://www.ucz.info/
UPSU Airsoft Club UPA PL448AA https://www.upsu.com/sports/clubs/airsoft/
Ultimate Airsoft LTD / Bunker 51 URL SE78NJ https://www.ultimaterecreation.co.uk/
Ultimate Wargames Limited UWG RH80RH DA38NY www.ultimatewargames.net
Viperstrike Airsoft VSA DD81QX http://www.viperstrike.co.uk
Twisted Realities VTR SP97SE www.facebook.com/twistedrealitieslrp
Wolf Armouries London Skirmish WAA NW10SG http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk
Ironsight Airsoft (Woodlands Outdoor Leisure Ltd) WAC SO211RP https://www.ironsightpaintball.co.uk/airsoft
Warminster Activity Centre Ltd WAP BA127RZ http://warminsterairsoft.co.uk/
Site Alpha by Warchimp Industries WCI FY42DP www.sitealpha.co.uk
The War Games Centre WGC PA11JR https://www.facebook.com/thewargamescentre/
Wastelands Airsoft WLA HD47AB www.facebook.com/wastelandsairsoft/
West Midlands Airsoft WMA WS11 9RU www.wmairsoft.co.uk
The Worx Combat Centre WRX G847NJ https://www.facebook.com/TheWorxCombactCentre/
Xsite Airsoft Ltd XSA HP143DE http://www.xsiteairsoft.co.uk
Zed Events Ltd ZED HP156JP http://www.zedadventures.co.uk


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  1. There’s also the fortress in Kirkcaldy address is

    Mitchelston Dr, Kirkcaldy KY1 3NL

    1. Awesome, checkout https://airsoftranch.com/uk-airsoft-map/ for the map version of this

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