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Novritsch SSG24 Airsoft Sniper – Is It The Best? [In-Depth Review]



Having been an Airsoft sniper in the past with a precisely tuned and upgraded VSR-10, I had the urge to get back into sniping when I started up Airsoft again. For weeks I was looking at what was available and trying different airsoft rᎥfles, then I stumbled across Novritsch and his SSG24. It was marketed as a sniper rᎥfle that was great straight out of the box – but was it as good as his YouTube videos made out?

Out of The Box


  • No upgrades necessary – already great performance
  • Clear magazines so you can see how many BBs you have left
  • The “Novritsch” quality and fantastic after sales customer support


  • Expensive
  • Noisier than some other airsoft sniper rᎥfles
  • Can be a long wait for production and shipping


When I placed my order they were on batch 4; the early batches suffered with some teething troubles, by batch 4 these had apparently been rectified. Due to the rᎥfles being shipped from the factory there was a three month wait for the manufacture and also customs duty to be paid on arrival. However, you can customise your order on Novritsch’s website with so many variations available such as: different strength springs, long or short barrel and even custom stocks.

Purchase your own on the official Novritsch website by clicking here!

I ordered a standard version with three magazines and an m140 spring which was rated at 490fps. After a long three months wait, which seemed like a lifetime, I had an email to say it was at my local parcel centre ready to be picked up once the duty was paid. Needless to say, I picked it up on the same day.


Upon opening the packaging you are greeted with a hard plastic rᎥfle case emblazoned with a “Novritsch SSG24” sticker proudly displayed on the front and a nice small metal container with Novritsch‘s own brand 0.40g BBs.

My first impressions of this replica were quite positive – a nice sturdy feel and both comfortable in the hands and when shouldered. Another nice aesthetic was the twisted fluted outer barrel along with clear plastic magazines so you can see how many BBs you have left, certainly making it stand out from the other replicas on the market.

When I put it through the chrono, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the FPS claims were accurate with readings between 484-490fps and the bolt pull wasn’t too heavy. The stock is adjustable for length but not cheek relief, it also comes with a sling/bipod fitting attachment at the forend of the stock.

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Accuracy and Range

Once scoped up and zeroed in, I couldn’t wait to use it on a skirmish field. The only negative about this was that with a sizeable scope the replica no longer fits in the Novritsch case. Regardless, I headed off with a Strikeforce case and the magazines fully loaded with the 0.40g ammo. 

Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations, I seemed to struggle with accuracy and range, this was an issue on my next skirmish day too, and I began to question my rather expensive purchase, (£450 for the rᎥfle and £72 customs fees). 

The next outing with the SSG24 was at a weekend milsim event, this allowed me to get some range time with this airsoft rᎥfle, and oh boy – that was just what was needed. I can’t begin to recommend how important it is to spend some time and get to know your new platform, after trying a few different BB weights I had that magical moment and it all “clicked”.

This resulted in successfully hitting a static target at 80 metres – 15 times in a row across an open field, and one direct hit in three attempts at 96 metres!

In my opinion 70-80 metres is the maximum range to consistently hit a torso-sized target, now I am not saying it won’t go any further, but after that distance wind and hop up start to have an effect. At such distances, you need to ensure to keep this rᎥfle dead upright for a straight shot, slightly canted either way and you will see your BB veer to the left or right.

Accuracy Summary

  • At 30-40 metres you can pretty much hit a 6” sized target every time
  • 50-60 metres and you are looking at a dinner plate sized target
  • 70-80 metres and you can comfortably hit torso sized targets, now for a smooth bore airsoft rᎥfle this is impressive for me!

I personally buy heavy BBs straight from Novritsch as I’ve been pleased with the experience and their performance, delivery for these only takes a couple of days. However, we also recommend brands such as Goeffs and BLS which also provide fantastic results. 

Hop - up

The hop adjustment is found on the left side of the barrel and is a sliding bar with a positive click for each setting. A sticker on the barrel gives you a scale of adjustment from minimum to maximum hop. It is easily accessible and easy to during a game, even with gloves on.

The hop-up is made of a soft silicone with an extremely high friction coefficient. It sits tightly inside of the hop-up chamber which provides a 100% seal, subsequently providing very consistent results. When you close the inner barrel with your finger and pull the trigger, the piston will stop before hitting the cylinder head due to the perfect air seal!

With the standard hop arm fitted, it was able to hop 0.49g ammo at almost the maximum setting, after fitting the heavy hop arm the correct setting was about halfway through the hop up adjustment.

While this set up comfortably handles 0.49g, they do have a long flight time due velocity loss from the extra weight. This can make the incoming shots possible to dodge for your opponents, if they spot the BB coming at them. Personally, for open outdoor sites I use 0.43g, but within enclosed woodland I tend to use 0.40g for a slightly shorter flight. However, depending on your playstyle, you can feel 100% confident that this airsoft rᎥfle will hop BBs up to 0.50g!


This airsoft rᎥfle sits comfortably in the hand and feels quite chunky, I have big hands so this isn’t a problem for me but I can envisage people with smaller hands finding it a little on the large side when firing.

The one piece stock is made from 7mm thick plastic and is hollow, this somewhat contributes to some of the noise when in use. I have heard of people filling the gaps with foam to deaden the noise, to me it’s not enough of an issue to worry about.

The receiver and outer barrel are of an aluminium alloy material and are both nicely finished with a twisted flute running down the length of the barrel – this makes it a unique feature which makes the rᎥfle stand out from the others. Also each have their own serial number on the receiver with the “Novritsch SSg4” text.

Finally, this replica feels incredibly sturdy in general and the cocking sound with a metallic click when the slide is released are incredibly satisfying. It has good weight to it and feels well balanced in one’s hand. The replica weights at 853g with the magazine inserted, and 539g without. 

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Specs and features

FPS (Feet Per Second)  490fps 
ROF (Rate of Fire) N/A – Bolt Action
Effective Range 80-90 metres
Recommended BB Weight 0,30g for 300-450 fps (0,8 – 1,9 Joules)
0,36g for 400-500 fps (1,5 – 2,3 Joules)
0,40g for 450-550 fps (1,9 – 2,8 Joules)
0,46g for 500-700 fps (2,3 – 4,5 Joules)
Hop-Up Sliding bar hop with positive clicks
Inner Barrel Length and Diameter 475mm / 6.01mm precision barrel 
Powered by Spring
Fire Modes  Safe and Single fire (Bolt action)
Construction Stock: Glass fibre reinforced polymer
Receiver assembly: Metal
Barrel: CNC machined aluminium.
Inner barrel: oxidised steel cylinder shaft.
Weight  2.6 kg
Length 1095-1155mm
Price £450 – £550

Disassembly and Upgrades


Since I have gotten used the SSG24, it has been my primary airsoft rᎥfle and has fired approximately 4000 rounds almost flawlessly apart from the spring guide coming loose and stopping the bolt from cocking. After stripping and tightening this was quickly rectified.

The rᎥfle strips down quite easily, comparable to VSR-10, and anybody with a basic airsoft tech knowledge should be able to comfortably accomplish a strip and a rebuild. Here’s a video which shows a step-by-step instruction to SSG24 disassembly:


The only modification I have made so far is fitting the novritsch heavy hop arm, this allows you to be able to lift heavier BBs with less hop needed. I believe that all the newer batches are now fitted with it as standard. The recommendation is that you use the heaviest weight ammo that it can lift, 0.40g in open play areas is a bit light in my opinion, more suited to woodland, 0.43g gives very good all round results and it is also possible to lift 0.50g with the standard set up. This is our recommend set of BBs for this replica: 



Remembering that this is high-end (“already upgraded” if you may) rᎥfle out of the box, there aren’t many negatives to it. Yes, it is expensive, but it would cost a similar overall price when buying another platform and upgrading it to this level. Also there is a lot of trial and error involved when tuning your own sniper rᎥfle which the SSG24 doesn’t require. 

The earlier versions did have some issues, as did the 1st generation magazines – but clearly when Novritsch’s customers feedback with an issue, he addresses it and make modifications to future batches if needed, so these products are always evolving.

If I really had to find a fault, I would just have to choose the hop adjustment. It’s a positive click slide adjuster which is great, but sometimes the perfect setting is just between the two clicks – but that really is being hypercritical!

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Final Words

My advice to anyone purchasing this rᎥfle is – go get some range time with it before you skirmish, get to know it and it’s quirks. Once you have done that you won’t be disappointed. Also be prepared to get another case for it if you run a bigger than normal optics as it just won’t fit in the novritsch case without removing them. 

Finally, would I recommend this rᎥfle to somebody wanting to get into sniping? The answer is a resounding yes! If your budget permits, go ahead and get it! It will save you a lot of hassle, fine-tuning and upgrading with a great out of the box performance! 

Written by Ade Maddock

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