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Tokyo Marui NGRS Scar-L – Comprehensive Review


Have you been looking for a solid Scar-L replica? Have you wondered how the famous Tokyo Marui NGRS Scar-L performs? Are you curious about its build quality? Look no further! Airsoft_Gi.Gee is here to answer all of your questions!

In this review I will cover all the pros and cons along with a few upgrade recommendations. Why don’t we begin with opening the box to see how the gun is presented on purchase.

We recommend the TM specialist Camoraids.com for the best service when purchasing any Tokyo Marui replica

The gun arrives in a neat layout in a standard Tokyo Marui (TM) box. We can certainly vouch for TM to always deliver top quality products and the Scar-L is simply one of them. However, I assume you might be thinking that the price of £469.99 is extortionate for an airsoft replica, so without further ado, let’s review the gun and actually see whether the TM Scar-L is worth its weight in gold!


  • One of the best electronic recoil action for an AEG on the market
  • The famous magical Tokyo Marui hop up
  • Great accuracy and range out of the box
  • Solid build and not too heavy
  • Fully functional bolt catch
  • Ambidextrous mag release and fire selector


  • Occasionally the gun locks up on semi due to lack of MOSFET (Quick fix: switch to full auto and then back to semi)          
  • Low FPS (doesn’t effect range or accuracy, just simply takes a bit longer for the BB to hit the target)
  • Expensive Proprietary magazines (can use adapter for any m4 mags but the bolt catch function won’t work)

When I first started playing airsoft, it was certain to me that I will end up playing this exhilarating sport for a long time, thus I decided to get one of the best guns available to me at the time. This simply brought me to the Tokyo Marui brand and I quickly fell in love with the Scar L. Therefore, let’s begin with the gun’s best assets, and boy, there are a few.

First off, the recoil system is definitely one of the best in the AEG market. It works flawlessly, feels great and although it’s not as powerful as GBB rifles, it still adds that extra touch of realism!

The Scar-L comes with four picatinny rails allowing the end user to attach all of their needed accessories; see pictures below for reference.

Tokyo Marui is famous for their immaculate build quality and the Scar-L continues to uphold that reputation. The gun comes with a metal upper receiver and high grade polymer lower receiver which feels solid throughout; there are no loose ends nor any creaking. Even the folded stock feels incredibly sturdy, it simply locks in position and stays in place. I personally often fold the stock when transporting the gun and I have never worried about any damage.

This gun is clearly built with pride and precision and will last a long time before any work is necessary.

The accuracy and range of this gun is very impressive. There is clearly a reason why the airsoft community continues to “joke” about Tokyo Marui spraying some sort of fairy dust over the hop up unit as all of their stock guns produce great results, even at the factory 290 FPS.

In fact, the stock configuration is capable of lifting 0.28g BBs past the 50+ meters range and consistently hit a plate sized target; however, I wouldn’t recommend using any heavier BBs as then the velocity decreases too much and subsequently reduces its range. Scar-L’s build quality combined with aftermarket parts has the potential to simply be the best on the field.


To be frank, there aren’t any major issues with the gun. However, there are a few slight annoyances, such as the previously mentioned lock up on semi. The quick fix is to switch the gun back to full auto, fire a few shots and then switch it back and it should work again. The only way to fix this issue permanently is to fit a mosfet in the gun; we certainly recommend using the Gate Titan range of products specifically designed to work with the Tokyo Marui Next Generation Recoil Shock.

Furthermore, another aspect that people might potentially consider as a negative is the low FPS. However, do not fear, FPS is not essential for gun’s range or accuracy as long as it’s in between 280 – 350 FPS. I’ve had mine for over 8 months before any upgrades were done, and its performance continuously managed to amaze me every game. The stock gun can outrange most other standard AEGs, so imagine the potential once it’s upgraded.

Last but not least – the Tokyo Marui proprietary magazines. Unfortunately, these can be quite expensive and can stack up the overall price by a lot if purchased in bulk. One magazine comes at an average of £25, however they do have another purpose than solely feeding BBs.

The original TM magazines, along with the PTS (£20) counterparts enable the bolt catch function to work properly in the Next Generation Recoil Shock line. In other words, when you fire your last BB and empty your mag, the gun will stop firing until a new mag has be inserted and the bolt catch release button pressed.

If you are not interested in the function of the bolt catch or if you simply want to continue using standard M4 magazines you already own, you can get yourself a Lonex adapter that will allow you to do just that. However, in return, you will lose the bolt catch functionality.


ROF16-18 RPS (Rounds per second)
Effective Range55m
Recommended BB weights0.25g – 0.28g
Inner Barrel300mm length / 5.98mm diameter
GearboxNGRS V3
Hop – up Adjustable through rotary wheel
Length 635/826/899mm (Stock Folded/Normal/Extended)
Height 260 mm
Weight 3.3kg (with mag)
Powered by 7.4v LiPo
Fire mode
Semi Auto
Full Auto
Mag. capacity 82 Rounds
Mag compatibility
TM New Gen. Mags/ PTS Mags – functional bolt catch

Most mainstream M4 Stanag mags – require an adapter andthe gun loses its bolt catch functionality
Construction Alloy: Upper Receiver

Polymer: Lower Receiver, Pistol Grip and Stock
FeaturesNext Generation Recoil Shock
Functional bolt catch (Stops firing when mag is empty)


Tokyo Marui is the leading airsoft weapons producer, therefore there is a multitude of aftermarket parts available to ensure the exact performance you require from your gun. You simply cannot go wrong with a TM; it comes with great performance out of the box and can be turned into an absolute beast hitting targets up to 70m with fine tuning and upgrades.

Therefore, once you have had a feel for the gun and you decide to start your upgrade journey, we do suggest to hire a professional Next Gen Recoil Shock technician to do the work for you. The reason being that the TM NGRS line is built slightly differently to your standard AEGs and requires slightly more expertise.

Currently, I can only point you in the right direction in terms of upgrades, however, speaking from experience, I can guarantee that Camoraids will look after you and your gun in the utmost professional and advisory manner. Therefore, I would like to officially recommend their store as the place to go to when purchasing or upgrading any Tokyo Marui replicas.

Professional tech team with an abundance of knowledge and experience which cater specifically to your budget and needs; always ready to help and advise!

However, if you would rather do it yourself and have time to spare, ask around at your local site for a trusted technician and see if he/she could walk you through it. Most techs will be happy to help!

Final Words

What’s not to love about the Scar-L; the performance, build quality and the overall feel is astonishing and an immense step-up in comparison to previously borrowed or hired guns I have experienced. Although an expensive gun, it is definitely worth every penny as it guarantees a long-standing top tier performance.

Also keep your eye out for my next upcoming article which will describe the step-by-step process of upgrading this particular replica; stay tuned!

Written by Ryan Gee

Edited by Kamil Turecki

Follow Ryan on Instagram @airsoft_gi.gee


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  1. Flicky 7th November 2019

    Nice review! I am looking forward to your upgrade-guide!

  2. Ryan gee 7th November 2019

    Thanks bro I’ll have to get it done soon as its fully upgrade now more or less

  3. Greatfon 4th March 2020

    Please note that the weapon will only stop firing with an empty mag if Recoil Shock Magazines are used. If you hear the rattle of a spring to the top rear of the receiver please note that this is not a fault, and is part of the recoil system. This spring is designed to add bounce to the recoil weight added to the replica by Tokyo Marui to improve the feel for added realism.


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