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Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 GoldMatch – In-depth Review



The one and only – Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 GoldMatch! We finally got around to doing the review before we give it away as part of our competition! This pᎥstol is amongst one of the most popular sidearms in Airsoft, so without unnecessary introduction and without any further ado: here is what we think of it!

Out of The Box


  • Incredibly accurate
  • Fantastic TM Hop-up Unit – great range out of the box (50m)
  • Sturdy ABS plastic build
  • ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS variety of aftermarket parts 
  • Easy disassembly
  • Beautiful Golden Finish


  • Plastic Slide
  • Duster Gas only (without upgrades)

Accuracy, Range and Gas Efficiency

As expected, all the above aspects of this pᎥstol are remarkable. As a top of the line pᎥstol, this replica has a fantastic range of around 50m+ out where it can continuously hit torso sized targets, especially when using heavier BBs.

The stock internal build is incredibly well put together in order to provide good airseal, consistent performance and good accuracy. This includes a 6.05 diameter inner barrel with a small spring to maintain its stability during rapid fire, the magical Tokyo Marui hop-unit along with hop-up rubber and o-ring to eliminate any airleaks. 

Furthermore, with the help of the outer barrel having so many cuts, the weight of the slide is significantly reduced thus making the pᎥstol snappier and also more gas efficient.

Those cuts are not just there for looks!

The subsequent snappiness of the pᎥstol will also allow you to immediately line up the sights once you fire a shot; with a bit of practice you will be able to continuously hit the same target whilst pulling the trigger as quick as you can. Perfect for CQB action!

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Hop - up

In terms of the hop-up itself, there are minimal design changes in comparison to the standard Hi-Capa 5.1; keep that in mind if you were ever going to try swapping them. Apart from that, it’s a high quality Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa hop-unit; it is still quite easily accessible and allows for fine tuning with the adjustable small rotary wheel. However, the adjustment wheel isn’t as quickly accessible, as let’s say the Tokyo Marui Glock 17.

In order to remove the slide, you need to first pull the slide back, keep it in that position whilst you push the slide lock “button” in from the right hand side and then pull the slide lock out from the left hand side. Make sure not to let go off the slide during this process as it might come off flying due to the tension in the spring! This might take some practice, be patient and I recommend using a pen to push that “button” in if you’re struggling to do so with your finger.

Which brings me to a point, this pᎥstol definitely needs to be properly adjusted before the game with appropriate BB weight; changing the BB weight mid-game will most certainly mean you will have to take a few mins out to adjust the hop-up. Not an issue; just something to consider.


I’m sort of lost for words on this one. There is a reason why this pᎥstol is one of the most sought after replicas, and why so many professional Airsoft players use the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capas as a platform for their builds for competitive games. It’s simply… remarkable!

Yes, both the slide and the lower receiver are made of ABS plastic, however, the actual rail underneath the slide is fully made out of metal. There are other metal parts included, such as: trigger, safety catch, ambidextrous thumb safety, hammer, beaver tail grip safety and guide rod with some other internal parts. 

This replica feels absolutely amazing in one’s hand and the plastic is clearly of very high quality. The grooved feel of the pᎥstol grip just adds that extra touch and enhances one’s grip. Also there are serrations at the front and the back of the slide in order to improve one’s grip when racking the slide back. Let’s not forget about the skeletonised trigger, although plastic, I swear it feels like metal. What a build!

Finally, this replica feels incredibly sturdy in general and the cocking sound with a metallic click when the slide is released are incredibly satisfying.  It has good weight to it and feels well balanced in one’s hand. This pᎥstol replica weights at 853g with the magazine inserted, and 539g without. 

Safety System, Trigger Pull and Iron Sights

Since this replica is based on the Colt 1911, it has the same safety features as the regular pᎥstol. It offers fully functioning ambidextrous thumb and grip safeties.

The trigger pull itself is very short and very smooth, it allows for precise shooting. This combined with the snappy, lightweight slide makes it an absolute breeze to control during rapid fire!

Similarly, the iron sights on this pᎥstol are fantastic! The rear sights are adjustable and the front sights are made out of optic fiber. Really ease to quickly and successfully acquire your target!

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Specs and features

FPS (Feet Per Second) 292fps on Duster Gas / 338fps on Green Gas
ROF (Rate of Fire) N/A – Semi-Automatic
Effective Range 50-55m
Recommended BB Weight 0.25 – 0.28g
Hop-Up Adjustable under the slide
Inner Barrel Length and Diameter 112mm / 6.05mm
Powered by Gas
Recommended Gas Duster Gas (134a/144a Gas)
(Green Gas if between 10-15 °C – at your own risk)
Fire Modes Safe/ Semi-Automatic
Construction ABS Plastic: Slide and PᎥstol Grip
Metal: trigger, safety catch, ambidextrous thumb safety, hammer, beaver tail grip safety and guide rod with some other internal parts
Weight 539g without mag/ 853g with mag
Rail System One Picatinny slot under the barrel
Length 222m
Price £160-£180


The only true potential drawback of this pᎥstol is the fact that it comes with a plastic slide. There are two perspectives on this: it’s a positive that the slide is plastic as it makes it lightweight and truly enhances the speed of the cycle and snappiness of the pᎥstol, especially since it’s supposed to be a race pᎥstol. The other, well of course it is more prone to breaking especially when using stronger Gases. 

Also, similarly to the Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Gen 3 I have previously reviewed, this pᎥstol’s mags sometimes spill a bit of gas at the valve when being filled. This can be easily fixed by inserting a rubber o-ring around the mag valve to stop the gas escaping when being loaded. 

As this pᎥstol was specifically purchased to be given away, I will not be adding any mods to it. Therefore, for the purpose of instruction, I am attaching a picture on how to do this from the previous Glock 17 review. The principles are exactly the same, create a small o-ring and insert and secure the mag valve; see below:


TM Hi-Capa 5.1 Disassembly Video

So you might be wondering, whether this pᎥstol is another case of a glorified “perfect out of the box” replica that somehow still needs upgrading… Well it isn’t. Honestly, this pᎥstol doesn’t require any upgrades at all.

If you ever only use Duster Gas, this pᎥstol will last you for many years to come. If you do decide to use stronger gases then expect to upgrade the slide to a metal one once the plastic one breaks; I generally don’t recommend using anything stronger than Green Gas with the stock slide.

If you do decide to go down the upgrade route and change its internals and externals, make sure to buy high quality components that will actually make any significant improvement over the stock quality. There is a ton of components out there to choose from, for builds as such we recommend using Rainbow8 as they offer one of most comprehensive ranges of products.

Accuracy and Range

In order to increase the pᎥstol’s performance I recommend replacing the inner barrel to either PDI 6.01mm Precision Barrel on Redwolf Airsoft (£30) along with Prometheus Purple Bucking on Amazon (£12) or exchanging the whole inner barrel and hop-up set to Maple Leaf Hop Up Unit and Crazy Jet Barrel Set on Skirmshop (£60). Similarly to the Tokyo Marui Glock 17, I just simply don’t see the point replacing the stock internals with anything of lower quality.


A potential upgrade off the bat would to be replace the plastic slide with a metal slide. However, remember this will make the pᎥstol less snappy and decrease the speed of its cycle. If you are adamant to use stronger gases or have a specific slide in mind, you can see a wide selection of slides at Rainbow8 website!

Otherwise I would simply recommend sticking to the stock slide considering it’s specifically built for speed. Another alternative is to check out the original Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 on Defcon Airsoft and do a build on that if you’re not actually interested in the golden look as both of these pᎥstols are both spectacular performers.


Finally, if you really want to pimp your Hi-Capa with a multitude of accessories, there is a ton of components out there that you can use to customise your replica. These range from red dot sights, compensators, magwells, outer barrels, triggers, grips… and the list goes on. Here’s an example of a super speed build:


Finally, since it’s a GBB pᎥstol, a certain amount of maintenance is required. First of all, invest in oil and grease in order to maintain smooth cycles and decrease wear and tear. I personally use four small drops of oil on the slide and a little bit of grease on the hammer section; before re-applying make sure to clean the internals of the pᎥstol first and wipe off any remaining oil and grease from previous maintenance. I suggest doing this once a month for optimum performance.

Final Words

As much as I have tried to be unbiased and objective, I simply cannot recommend this pᎥstol enough! It is by far one of the pᎥstols I have so far tested in regards to Airsoft! A must buy! However, as mentioned previously, if you are planning a specific build and you will be ripping it apart with upgrades, I recommend getting the standard Hi-Capa 5.1 instead!

Hope this has helped and peace out Ranchers!

Written by Kamil Turecki

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  1. Calling your article as “in-depth” is not a wise choice.

    1. the leakage of injection valve is not a malfunction, that’s the way TM ensure you charge the right amount of gas inside the mag, and as the manual said they only recommend you use certain gas (134A) at certain temperature
    you don’t “FIX” the “PROBLEM”, you just got a way to charge more gas (not always preferable) in it.

    2. how come a “in-depth” review don’t even mention the inner frame design of the plastic slide? That a game changer by TM to prolong the life of that slide.

    3. Metal is way too board to describe the material, what TM use is Zine alloy, will degrade themselves after like 7-8 years.
    Consider it as the lower end metal used in airsoft industry

    The list can go on and on, learn more or stop naming these post as “in depth”.
    These kind of open box review is not sustainable, be better.


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