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Top 5 Tips for Airsoft Beginners [Essential Guide]


Are you looking to get into airsoft as a hobby? Here in this article I will list top five tips for an airsoft beginner to look out for these will cover the basics from choosing your gear to a general mindset to enjoy your first game of this beloved sport!

Find your local site

As obvious as it sounds, looking up your local sites online is the first step to playing airsoft. Find a few sites close by and try the ones that seem well established to ensure a decent player count on the day. For your first game, make sure to rent your equipment or borrow from a friend if you can, otherwise, all you will need to bring yourself is a decent pair of boots, preferably with ankle protection.

Most sites offer a rental service which include eye protection, rᎥfle, two mags and a bottle of BBs which will last you the day. This will give you a feel for the game and your chosen site, we don’t recommend spending money on an airsoft rᎥfle or equipment before your first skirmish as you might potentially find that this hobby isn’t for your or the rᎥfle you have bought doesn’t fit your playing style. If you’re looking for a site near by, Airsoft Ranch has compiled a list of all UK and USA Airsoft sites for you:

Having the right gear

Taken by @airsoft_gi.gee!

After you have had a couple of games and decide that the sport is for you, you will need to look into getting the right gear. Depending on your play style there are a range of options out there: from tactical vests to plate carriers, chest rigs and battle belts. Just remember that the expensive gear isn’t always necessary and there is a range of cost effective manufactures out there, such as: 8Fields and Viper Tactical.

The overall aim of your gear is to be reliable and allow you to carry what you need onto the field. Most loadouts are made to carry extra magazines, a spare bottle of BB’s and pyrotechnics such as flashbangs and smoke grenades. However, you load carrying equipment is completely overshadowed by the importance of your eye protection. Do not go out and buy cheap eye protection as it is the most important part of your gear and safety is a major concern when airsofting.

Whether you opt for a full face mask or just eye protection, do not be cheap and stick to well established brands such as Sawfly for eyepro with lenses or Nuprol for the mesh style variety. Also, don’t forget to invest in comfortable pair of boots with ankle protection, they are crucial to reduce any risks when traversing uneven terrains. If you want to read more about the startup costs and beginner airsoft gear, here are a few articles that delve into the associated costs and gear recommendations when just starting the hobby.

Ask questions

One of the easiest way to improve your understanding of airsoft is to learn from those around you. As well as checking out some of our other informative articles here on Airsoft Ranch.

Also try and pick up tricks of the trade from other players. Don’t be afraid of asking, as there is no such thing as a stupid question and everyone had to learn one way or the other. If you’re unsure of what type of primary rᎥfle you want, ask to try out some of the gear from regular players at your local site, most people are happy to show you and tell you about their gear, why it suits them and why it might be the right or wrong choice for you.

Feel free to also ask the game marshals as the vast majority of the marshals at airsoft sites will be players themselves. They can offer a different perspective to the game by observing from the sidelines while marshalling. Although most players would love to help, some people are protective and passionate about their expensive gear and rᎥfles, so it is important to also respect that.


Having the right attitude is absolutely key to enjoying airsoft. You are going to get muddy, you will be tired and you will get shot. You will most likely get frustrated when you think you’re hitting the target when in fact your BBs are hitting light shrub in the way. Do not get discouraged, accuracy and finding the perfect moment or space to shoot through will come with experience.

Get involved, communicate with your teammates and try your best! At the end of the day, airsoft is meant as entertainment so bring your friends and have an amazing day out! Spice things up with purchasing a few flashbangs and smoke grenades and trust me, you will have a blast! One of the best moments for me in Airsoft was escorting a VIP through a trail of smoke whilst BBs were whizzing past our heads and flashbangs exploding at our feet. Pure adrenaline!

Just do it

Above GIF is credited to GIPHY

There’s only so much you can enjoy and learn from reading articles and watching airsoft videos on youtube. Find a local site, book a game and simply turn up. Do not hesitate and put it off for ages, most games cost between £30 to £50 including rental gear and last all day – a cost effective bundle of joy.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact form on the website or through any of our social media platforms. Our team is mostly scattered around UK, and we have a few members currently living in USA, I’m sure we will be able to help you out in one way or another! Go out there, take the leap and indulge yourself in the world of Airsoft!

Written by Kamil Turecki

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